50% Humidity. Ahhhhhh.

I'm almost squarely between two towns, so I averaged out the humidity readings for both, and it's around 50%. After the swampiness of the last couple days--not to mention the downpours yesterday afternoon--today's weather is heavenly. Granted, it could be a little bit cooler, but the breeze is nice and I've got the sliding patio door open. That buys me a little time before I have to put on the A/C. I feel as if I've had it on almost continuously. . . not looking forward to the utility bill on all that.

So, right now I'm finishing my iced coffee. I bought it on the way home from the podiatrist and then I brewed a cup of decaf and dumped that in. (Sorry to offend any coffee purists, but I don't like my coffee all that sweet.)

[Oh, look--the power just went out. And then on. And then off again. And then on. I hope it stays on because I kinda need a modem to publish this.]

Yeah, so I went to the podiatrist. I was concerned about how badly I've been wrecking my feet since I started working in schools. I mean, they hurt every day at the end of the day when I was in school. And they just don't look as. . . pretty. . . as they used to. (O.K., you got me--I'm vain about my feet. When you don't have a model's body, you play up the good things you do have. I have beautiful eyes and pretty nice hair. But the feet are starting to go.)

I probably would not have gone to a podiatrist, except that I knew a former neighbor is one and her whole family is really nice. I used to watch her and her sisters twirl batons on the front lawn to practice for their high school drill team. (Is is obvious I have always wanted an older sister? I think my first "dream older sister" was Marie Osmond back in the days of Donny & Marie. I'm not kidding.) Anyway, the doc has a private practice and was able to fit me in this week. She just came back from a trip where she and her husband took their teenage sons to see some places in the Mediterranean. Sounded cool. She's very invested in their education and feels strongly that travel is a great way to learn.

Foot advice: Well, I definitely have been hard on my feet. I need to work in lower heels and put cushions for the ball of my foot in the fronts of my shoes. She mentioned some shoe brands that might be more comfortable, as well as the FootSmart catalog (which recently started coming in the mail for some strange reason) for the cushions. It all costs money, but honestly, I want to prevent crippling myself for as long as possible, if I can.

I guess in a way we also were catching up a bit (how are your parents, etc.), so of course she asked if I was seeing anyone. Then she shared the story of how she met her husband (introduced by mutual friend) at 30, and married at 31. I said, hey, if you know anybody nice. . . she asked me if it was O.K. if she used my phone number on file to give me a buzz if she thought of anyone. That was sweet.

It also was very sweet of her that she didn't charge me. Her feeling was that she didn't have to do anything other than give a bit of advice--probably a nice break from looking at elderly people's feet and trimming nails and stuff (seriously, I don't know any people other than seniors who go to podiatrists).

So far this month, I've gotten free rye bread (the girl at Whole Foods accidentally chopped off the back end of the loaf she was slicing) and free foot advice.

I guess I should put the money I saved toward stuff for my aching feet.


Lizzie said…
A) older sisters can be overrated, B) I was imagining clunky orthotics, but some of those shoes are super cute (whew!).
Kate P said…
Lizzie--my sister probably would agree with you, hahahaha.
Yeah, they finally are making more comfortable cuter shoes in more sizes. I left out the doctor's suggestion of Merrills, which are kinda ugly to me and probably not good enough for the school dress code, anyway.
I told her I got a cute, very cushioned pair of Naturalizer shoes on sale, and she said go back for the other colors. Now that's a prescription I can work with!
Rob said…
Wrong shoes can cause all sorts of problems. My wife and I developed neuromas in our feet because of it. Hers had to be surgically removed. Can cause backaches and other ailments, too.
Kate P said…
Rob--it's so true how much shoes can affect your feet, and we don't realize it most of the time! Sorry to hear what you and your wife went through.

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