The CD changer definitely is 18" D, and rather wide, but I guess it would have to be to hold a tray for six CDs.

Oh, I've had a fun time disconnecting the old stereo and speakers ("The rest is silence," its final words) and removing the unit from the bottom of the TV stand. And then I did a bit of dusting and shuffling the DVD/VCR over to try the CD changer in the old stereo's place. The bad news that it definitely is too deep; however, the good news is that its rear feet are far in enough from the back edge that I can push the unit farther back without compromising its stability. I hope. The even better news that I took a good look and remembered that the panel covering the back of the TV stand actually consists of two pieces--horizontal!!!--which will permit me to take off the bottom panel entirely. I guess if I wanted, I could attach a piece of fabric like a dust ruffle to the remaining top panel.

I think I'm headed in the right direction. I also got an e-mail from the nice older dude who sold his cassette deck to me; it got shipped today. Hooray.

Tomorrow's mission is to pick up the new TV stand and keep cleaning up so I can do the furniture switcheroo. Oh, and cantor the vigil Mass in the middle of that, of course.

But make no mistake: I am on a mission!


ccr in MA said…
My goodness! Well, it sounds like you're (mostly) enjoying the process, and then when you get to the end, whew! Party time!
Kate P said…
I am TOTALLY looking forward to party time, CCR.

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