Kitty Resumes Her "Hyper" Meds

After the constant meowing and pawing and racing around, and all sorts of mayhem. . .

"For the hundredth time, Cat, there's no gateway to an alternate universe in there!"


. . . I decided it was time to ask the vet about putting The Cat back on her hyperthyroid meds.

Seriously, she fell out of bed--with the bed--at about 3:00 this morning. I heard a crash and sat up in bed, and when I didn't see any furniture fallen over (and my hamper had fallen over the morning before), I got up and looked for the cat.

I found her in the space between my dresser and the wall, wedged behind a box, and she looked shocked. I don't know how she did it. I mean, a few times before, she has taken a running leap onto the dresser where the bed is, and skidded it off the dresser, but I kind of think either she woke up with a start and fell over, or she got up on the wrong side of the bed (for real). After I lifted her out and set her on my bed, she ran off immediately, so she was not hurt. Thank God. But I am tired.

Checking out a thousand-legger on the ceiling at bedtime last night.
Her bed's in the background.

The vet called around 9:15 and gave me the go-ahead. He's happy the steroids seem to be working still, so if they continue to hold up, then I don't have to haul the fuzzball back in for tests for another two weeks.

Which gives her more time to hunt thousand-leggers (ew).


Pammy pam said…
just cuz YOU dont see an alternate universe doesnt mean there isnt one!
Kate P said…
Maybe my next-door neighbors' kitchen (right on the other side of mine) counts as an alternate universe?
Solitary Diner said…
The next-door neighbour's kitchen would definitely be an alternate universe for a kitten. Adorable cat photos!
Kate P said…
S.D.--Hey, thanks for stopping by! I think you are right; maybe she's looking for a change of scenery. And yes, she's a very photogenic troublemaker. :)
Rob said…
Terrific photos, Kate. Glad to see she's up, around, and exploring. Even pure silliness like falling out of bed is a good sign. My cat has totally lost interest in crawly bugs. They have to bounce around to get his interest and he can't wait to get his paws on one of those lizards on the window screens that keep taunting him.
Kate P said…
Rob--I cannot take any credit for how cute The Cat photographs. ;)
Oh, she'll watch the bugs but she's not into catching them anymore. A few seconds and her attention span has ended.
Oooh, I wonder how she'd react to seeing a lizard on the screen. She already hates the chipmunk that teases her on the patio, so I bet she'd go nuts!
Annie Coe said…
I am with Pammy :-). Kisses to your kitty, I hope things level out for her and you. xoxo
Kate P said…
Annie--thanks so much. The Cat loves giving kisses (one of her nicknames is The Smooch) so she is sending some your way!

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