It's Not Fox in Socks in That Box

Oh, my.

I placed the order for my stereo components yesterday afternoon, and while I was excited about the free shipping I honestly expected the typical free shipping--slowest option.

So imagine my delighted shock when I got home from running errands and went to check my mailbox in the vestibule.

Helloooo, TWO GIANT BOXES!!!

It was a little rough getting them in the door and pushing/pulling them across the lobby floor (too much friction on laminated wood!), but once I hit the hallway carpet, things went much more smoothly down to my door. Naturally, The Cat was a little startled by the large brown square things shoving their way into the apartment, but once they stopped moving she came up to sniff them. She'll be playing in the boxes once they're emptied, I'm sure.

. . . Um, where did I plan to put this new stereo? I think the schmancy new surge protector recommended by the Crutchfield advisor needs to go on its own outlet and not where I have the current stereo--which is one plug, sharing the surge protector for the TV, modem, cable box, and DVD player.

So that means it goes on another wall in my living room, and factoring in the bookshelves I can't move, it looks as if the china cabinet will have to be moved. (Good thing it has wheels.) The Cat won't like that, because she sleeps under it and snuggles against the wall when she's feeling lousy (like earlier today). Oh, but I need a stereo cabinet of sorts, too--maybe this TV stand with legs will make both me and The Cat happy. I guess that means I'm going to have to shop for that and assemble it before I can get the stereo connected.

But wait! I just looked at the "Your order has been shipped!" e-mail again, and there are more than two tracking numbers assigned. There is a third box scheduled for delivery by the end of the day tomorrow (Thursday). I guess I don't have all of it, anyway. Additionally, the cassette deck I bought on eBay won't be coming until the beginning of next week.

Stay tuned, because there will be more stereo stories for sure.


Anonymous said…
Goodness! Sounds like this will require an interior decorating overhaul! I love fast shipping though--it's especially nice when it's free ;)
Dave E. said…
Cool. It's exciting to see new stuff arrive and put it all together. You got a cassette deck too? I need to look into one of those for my dad and see if I can move some of his tapes to files. What did you find?
Kate P said…
Angela--yes, it's becoming quite the interior revolution in here. I'm so not the rearranging furniture type. I need my sister! And her opinionated mouth!

Dave--I bought an older Kenwood dual cassette; the seller was the original owner, which makes me feel a little more sure of what I'm getting. It was only $36 but the $20+ shipping was, well, a necessary evil because it's coming from the West Coast. At some point I'd like to get one of those tape digitizers so I don't lose the tapes my late friend J made for me.

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