Where Am I Gonna Put This Stereo? Part II

We have cousins visiting from out west, and a bunch of "the girls" (two of my cousins who are sisters, and their SIL who is one of the visiting people, and my mom and I) met up for lunch this afternoon. Mom had to pick me up because my whiz kid mechanic found the evil leaky A/C hose and was installing its evilly expensive replacement in my car at the time. After lunch (good tuna wrap and *meh* steak fries for me) was over, Mom dropped me off to pick up my car, and after I cried the whole way home about the cost (not really but I did tell myself it's better than buying a new car), lo and behold there was the big box o' speakers in the vestibule. So I dragged that in along with a shoe order that finally arrived, as well as a leftover half a tuna wrap.

Fed a very interested Cat a taste of the tuna filling, got my things together for my little summer job, and off I went in my air-conditioned-once-more car.

The book discussion and craft--and I tell you the craft is always the part I worry about--went over well. We had little memo books that we personalized with collages from magazine cut-outs. I had gone through all my magazines yesterday and pulled out any, er, inappropriate articles or ads, and also put together a model one. I think I'm going to use it; I like it. I'll have to take a picture and show you.

There was one girl dragging her feet and goofing off (literally running with scissors and that was the last straw for me), and I don't know why, because she's usually pretty enthusiastic. Sometimes I think the kids come right from day camps and are tired. But at least for once it wasn't the "noodge," as I call her. You know the type--they don't listen, they always have something to say about everything, they like to push the envelope.

She was pretty good today, and the first one to give me a hug at the end, because it's our last meeting. Awwww.

On top of that, the bookstore person in charge of things said she'd be happy to be a reference for me. So, even though fixing my car's A/C pretty much wiped out what I made from this job and then some, I feel as if in a way I broke even.

After that, I headed over to IKEA with the idea of looking at the stand I was considering for the stereo. I even stopped at another place on the way, but nothing was quite right and it was all way outside of my budget, anyway. When I got to IKEA, I saw that the stand under consideration was definitely out, because when I slid open the glass door on the display model, I saw two tempered glass shelves slumped on top of each other, having fallen off the skimpy pegs intended to keep them up. No dice.

Also, after looking around at everything else they had to offer, it hit me: none of them were deep enough to accommodate the 6-CD changer. All these TV stands were for slimmer TVs that people own nowadays. The specs I scribbled down for the equipment said I needed 18" for the CD changer, and nothing was deeper than 15". There was a (Not-Moby-looking) salesperson at one end of the department, but he had been helping a middle-aged couple for quite a while. I figured I'd give him five more minutes, and I walked around a bit more.

Then it hit me: maybe I was approaching this wrong. Maybe I could poach the TV cabinet I already have and love (busted left door hinge and all) for the stereo, and now that I have a "slimmer" TV myself, I could put it on a new smaller stand. I had just come around to that when the salesperson became available, so I discussed it all with him. He showed me an option that still had glass--I love being able to use the remote on stuff that's stowed away--only it's just in the middle. This shelving with these doors. I think the high gloss finish looks cool. Plus it's about $40 cheaper than what I'd come to check out.

The question was, could I fit the CD changer in the old stand? I had to go home and measure, so the nice salesperson printed me a list to take with me. Oh, the drama: The old stand is about 16-1/2" deep. However, I opened the box and measured the CD changer and the measurements are smaller than 18". Hmmmmm.

I already have the back of the stand pulled out a bit because I had to get the old stereo's wiring through for power and speakers, so I am debating an attempt to put it in the same place and/or cut out the back entirely to accommodate it, as long as the feet are flat on the bottom of the stand to keep it stable.

Think it would work?


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