About that Cranky Kitty

Probably because The Cat had me up at 4, 5, and 6 a.m., I slept through the phone ringing when the vet called with her test results at 8:30.

Her doctor left a message saying that her thyroid numbers are still too high. (That might explain why she's continuing to bounce off the walls and yowl all morning.) He upped her meds to twice a day. Also, he did not like that her white blood count is on the low side. He wants to keep an eye on that as well.

So I guess we'll be heading back there in a few weeks to get a re-test. Fun times.

At least we weren't having infernal heat Monday morning. I actually had been begging The Cat all last week during the heat wave not to take a turn for the worse, because I didn't want to drag her out in 100-degree weather. Oh, and apparently we also lucked out because I discovered that the car's A/C was not cold today when I went to run errands. Again. I'm guessing it's a leak the mechanic couldn't find last time because it was the first time fixing the freon. (Just when I was feeling all grateful that they'd fixed the A/C and installed my "new" car stereo.) I called them and they can't take me until Thursday morning. I made them promise to take me first thing, because I have my last summer reading group for my little summer job that afternoon.

Which means I get to go shopping for craft supplies with the "2-55" model of air conditioning.

You know: Put down 2 windows and drive 55.

(That's an old joke my senior neighbor lady told me when I was a kid.)

I have a feeling that I might be the cranky kitty riding in the car tomorrow.


Sara said…
Kitty! Did the vet have any thoughts on the low white blood cell count?

I couldn't imagine having a 2-55 model of a/c. Yesterday the car told me it was 95 degrees, and boy was I glad when that beast started blowing cold air.
Anonymous said…
Poor kitty :( I would die without a/c in my car. That is the only thing that makes the summer bearable. Those first few minutes while it's still working on cooling off the interior are just absolutely miserable!
Rob said…
I'm not sure how I lived back in the days with no AC at home, in school, or in the car but I know I didn't sweat as much then as I do now.
Kate P said…
Sara--You know, I didn't ask. I figured it was the cancer, but then when I picked up her thyroid meds today, the little "About your pet's medicine" attachment (that must be new; never got one of those before) said that a possible side effect is a low count.
My car was so hot yesterday, it was stressing me out. Fortunately, there was a Dunkin' Donuts near the pet food store; iced coffee is good for what ails me.

Angela--Yes, between my allergies and the heat, I need the A/C!!!

Rob--I am soooo less tolerant of the heat than I used to be. That said, I remember all the sleepless nights I had because it was too hot and too noisy with the windows open and the fan on high, and how great it was to be driving home from the swim club with my hair soaking wet while the car windows were down. No A/C in the old station wagon, and Dad never let us use it in the newer wagon (now gone nine years, I think).
My parents got central air the summer AFTER I moved out, so that's only the past ten years for them. They STILL fight over when to run it, mostly because Mom likes to open the windows for the cats! (Sucker.)
ccr in MA said…
Well, as you know, I love warm weather and am reluctant to turn on the ac. I will do it when it's way hot, or way humid, of course ... but I do tend to leave one window open for the cats at the same time.

Sorry that kitty isn't cured, but I'm glad it still sounds manageable.
Kate P said…
CCR--thanks. She had a bit of a down day today (maybe the new steroid shot?) but after sleeping most of the day she got up and ate her dinner about a half hour ago.
Window open with the air on? My mom sneaks the window open (in spite of the A/C) in one of the upstairs rooms for the "baby" cat who rarely comes downstairs!

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