Gone Shopping

No major post tonight, because I am looking at stereo components. I just feel it's time to do it. My problem (every Libra's problem, I suspect) is that there are too many choices.

Either tomorrow or Wednesday, I will have an update about The Cat. She had a scheduled trip to the vet this morning--in retrospect, I realize 10 a.m. is squarely in the middle of her a.m. naptime, so no wonder she was mighty cranky--mostly to re-check her thyroid now that she has resumed taking her medicine, and also to give her a new steroid shot. (She's conked out atop the kitchen cabinets right now after having paid a brief visit to nuzzle the laptop and get a chin-scratching.

So we'll see if we get to keep our current routine or if we have to make changes.

In the meantime, I'm picking out electronics.



ccr in MA said…
A fellow Libra!

On another blog, I remember reading about a woman who replaced her husband's broken iPod when he couldn't decide if it was worth fixing or not, and he cried in delight, "You decided for me!" Amen.
Kate P said…
Interesting you relate that story. . . there's a story with this, too--and someone else making the decision, in a way. (Forthcoming, once I get everything settled.)

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