We Lost Tonight, But YOU Can Win! (GIVEAWAY) (Updated)

(Any other takers??? There's a new post coming shortly so don't miss out!)

I heard that last week's trivia night (that I missed because I was at choir practice) was rough on the team. They totally got smoked. So I came in ready for redemption tonight. . . and all I can say is,
I hate Switzerland. Two questions about Switzerland, and we got them both wrong. Oh, I had the right answer in my head for the first one, but I was outnumbered so I figured I had to be wrong, because geography is not one of my strengths.

It was a heartbreaker at the end of the night--first, second, and third place separated by a point each. We had nine out of ten right on the music round (my "ringer" round--seriously, teammates said, "It's all on you!"), and we still had our point-doubler option to use, so if we'd gotten all ten right we would've tied for first. Dammit. Stupid Katy Perry contraction title. I'm finding it harder to know exact titles of songs that come out these days because I'm not seeing them in print. I gotta watch more VH1 or something. I've actually been trying to watch "Jump Start" (before they get to the Morning Buzz) weekday mornings while I'm drinking my coffee, but my tolerance for both inane/crass videos and annoying songs (especially the country crossovers or rap) just isn't high enough to keep it on for long.

Still, I walked out with a t-shirt on my arm, because we got the most right on the last round. (Go figure.) It's the same tee I won last go-around, and I also have on hand several unclaimed keychain bottle openers and can cozies that were piled into my arms from two weeks ago.

So I'm giving them away this week! Put in a comment with your first and second choices, and then I'll divvy things up and let you know so you can send me an e-mail with your mailing address (which will not be shared or used for any other purpose except maybe a Christmas card).

BTW, they all have beer brand logos, if that might be a concern. Or it might be a plus, I don't know.

Your Choices:

Two (2) Can Cozies, black foam with white print, with the logo that pretty much looks like this (only there are mountains in the background).

Four (4) keyring bottle openers, black with silver print, simpler logo but same brand as can cozies. Lightweight plastic. (one claimed by Dave E.)

One (1) t-shirt, heather gray with blue and white printing of this brand (it might be a rare promo tee, because I can't find images of the particular logo anywhere), size XL, 90% cotton/10% poly. I can attest that these make nice sleepshirts (even if I can fit three of me in 'em). (Claimed by Sara)

First come, first served--and if I don't get a whole lot of responses, you might get extras. No judgment about your drinking habits if you respond. This stuff makes great gifts, too, so if you have a special person in your life who might enjoy it--or maybe someone who might go easier on you if you hand him/her a present--go ahead and ask.

Seriously, you are helping the de-cluttering situation by taking these lovely things off my hands.


Sara said…
Oooh, give-aways!

I never mind another shirt for snoozing. :)
Kate P said…
You got it!
Sara said…
Wahoo! Gracias!

One of my favorite beers, too.

Is it sad to say that I only know of Katy Perry's existence because she's in some commercials?

I can't keep any of the new pop people straight... if I've even heard of them, that is.

I... I've turned into my mother!
Dave E. said…
Thanks, Kate. I can always use a keyring bottle opener. I mean, what's more perfect for your car keys? ;)
Kate P said…
Sara--Pop is hard to keep track of these days, especially when a lot of it is NOT PALATABLE. Shoot me your snail mail or let me know if you want me to hang on to it 'til our next meet-up.

Dave--you got it! Everyone should have one on the keyring. . . if not the swiss army knife. I'll be popping it in the mail shortly.

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