At Least I Reconnected the TV Right. . .

Things That Went Wrong:

1. New TV stand is actually multi-purpose modular cabinet--meaning there are no holes at the back for equipment wires. Thanks for not mentioning that, NotMoby IKEA Guy.

2. New TV stand's doors go almost all the way to the floor; hence, they drag on the carpet.

3. Hardware store #1 talked me out of getting the wood piece I wanted cut so that I could put the TV stand on a little platform to raise it out of the carpet. This very well could have happened in part because I had a bad headache and had no idea what I was saying, but still, I talk with my hands. (Good thing they got only $2 and change outta me.)

4. The Cat had an, um, accident on my bed. The kind I could smell the minute I walked in the door.

5. By then, the water was shut off in the building, because they're working on the plumbing. (It's really not fun to clean up. . . stuff. . . and not be able to wash your hands afterwards.)

Things That Went Right (or at Least Better):

1. Mom said she'd help me out with the wood cutting problem.

2. Hardware store #2 understood what Mom said. It also helps that Mom is very stubborn and won't let up until she gets what she wants.

3. I now know how to use a drill. Not very well, but at the very least to get some ugly but fortunately obscured wiring holes in the back of a TV stand.

4. Everything fit through the drilled holes--and it's much easier to have someone on the other side to help as you're routing a bunch of cables through a cabinet.

5. We did not drop the TV, and so far I am able to watch TV. (I'm nervous that I hooked the DVD player up wrong again, but I don't feel like testing it tonight.)

6. The old tv-stand-turned-stereo-cabinet is in the right place now.

7. The Cat's liquid hyperthyroid meds arrived (cutely addressed to "Cat [The Cat] P"!) and she ate all her dinner with little to no suspicion that something was mixed into it. Which is good news for the person who will be feeding her while I am away this weekend, and a relief to me.

I think I will sleep really well tonight!


Solitary Diner said…
Cat accidents are never any fun (from someone who came home from a 24-hour shift at work and stepped in an accident). Glad to hear you got everything sorted out.
Kate P said…
Oh, yuck; that's awful, S.D. Don't you wonder if they're trying to "make a statement" via an accident? Like, "I hate that you took forever to come home!" or "How dare you move the furniture!?"
Dave E. said…
Sounds like you handled those unfortunate little surprises quite nicely.
Sara said…
Speaking of sleeping really well... we've had cats have accidents on us while we were doing just that. Works better than an alarm for making you spring out of bed.

Pleasant dreams. ;)
Kate P said…
Dave--I do the best I can, but you know, I'd love to be more handy. And have poo-resistant bedding. Maybe I should invent that; I could make megabucks.

Sara--Yeah. . . been there, pre-diagnosis. I was so miserable I'd just cry myself back to sleep after cleanup.

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