R.I.P. Lappy the Laptop (2006? - 2011)

Lappy apparently did not like going without use while I was away, because when I had it on yesterday and I left the room for a minute to get something, it went dark and never woke up again. The efforts to resuscitate it by both me and the local computer guy were unsuccessful. Granted, a laptop that's five (maybe six? It was a floor model) years old and took nightly poundings for two and a half years of grad school is bound to go sometime, I guess. I just wish I'd had more of a warning.

And maybe some less sucky timing.

I've got faculty back-to-school info e-mail to read, side jobs to investigate, vet insurance claims to check. At least my parents kindly loaned me their laptop (they have a desktop but it's surprisingly difficult to have one computer in a house with two semi-retired people) so I can research my options to replace Lappy.

The other thing that sucks about the timing is that I've already paid for vet bills (ka-ching!), car A/C repairs twice (ka-ching! ka-ching!), and bridal/baby shower gifts (ka- well, we got good deals on those, so no real complaints there).

This is the Summer of Extreme Expenses.

That said, Lappy was a good little workhorse and we had a lot of good years together.

So, how's your week going?


Solitary Diner said…
Sorry to hear about the death of your laptop. It seems like bad things always come in bunches - maybe it's the universe's way of getting all the crap over and done with at once so that the other times will be more enjoyable. Or at least that's the logic I'm using to get myself through the current week. Thanks for the comment on my blog, and sorry it took a very expensive computer failure for you to be able to comment again.
Mr. Bingley said…
Four new tires on the Bride's car yesterday! Yay!
Rob said…
I would like to meet someone with less sucky timing. I'd like to ask him/her how that works.
Rob said…
And sorry about your laptop. :(
ccr in MA said…
It's awful how things go in waves like that. I hope this is the end of the current tsunami!

(WVW: wardant. Like mordant, only more war-like!)
Sara said…
RIP Lappy.

Rick recommends a Dell if you're going for another laptop.

As for this week... today's Rick's birthday. :)
Kate P said…
S.D.--well, thank you. And yeah, if I can get a bunch of things over with at once (like ripping off a Band-aid?), I guess that might be somewhat bearable!

Bingley--oh yeah, ouch! But let's hear it for safety and improved mileage! Woooo!

Rob--I keep trying to meet someone like that. . . but my timing's always too sucky. Hee. And thank you for the condolences.

CCR--yeah, I guess I'm riding the wave. . . BTW lemme know if you'd recommend your new laptop. :)

Sara--happy b-day to Rick!!! And as a matter a fact, I am typing on a Dell. I'm curious to know why he prefers Dell! (Although I'm guessing he doesn't have Vista. HATE.)
Dave E. said…
Sorry to hear about the laptop. Dad just retired so I am researching a laptop for him right this weekend. If I come across any good deals I'll let you know.
Kate P said…
Dave--thanks and I gladly welcome any info on deals! (Mom says she wants a new computer, too, but she's not sure if she wants to be an all-laptop household just yet. Must be parent computer shopping time. It's like bizarro back to school!)
Sara said…
Rick had replied with why he suggests Dell, but it's gone. Of course, he didn't identify himself when he commented....
Kate P said…
Oops. Yeah, it came off a little, um, fabricated, so I deleted it. Sorry I mistook you for a 'bot, Rick!
Dave E. said…
I lean toward Dell because of the in-home repair options. I will never buy a computer that I have to bring into one of the major retailers only to see them ship it to some factory that is who knows where.
Kate P said…
Here's what Rick said: "I recommend dell products mainly because i have supported clients who use them for years. Tech support is pretty good and performance for the dollar has proven good as well."

Dave, I'm seeing that you agree along similar lines!
nightflyblog said…
Sorry I'm slow with this.

Staples has been having reasonably good deals. I just replaced the old desktop with an entry-level lappy a couple of weeks ago. It's an HP, not a lot of bells and whistles since I don't exactly edit HD movies or do a lot of gaming. More than enough to watch cats on YouTube and do my blogging and typing.

Depending on what you need it for, you can get a reasonable laptop for less than $500.

Another spot to consider is Costco. They tend to be more pricey but the machines come with more software on them; mine only had Windows 7, a starter version of Word and Excel, and a Norton trial subscription.

You can save more if you decide to ditch Norton or McAfee and go with one of the excellent free anti-virus and firewall suites, and if you don't need something like a blu-ray drive. Just make sure that you have enough USB ports for everything you need to run.
Kate P said…
'Fly--yeah, what I'm looking at is about that price range. Not looking for anything too fancy, but I do a little more than surf. I don't have a Costco card, but I think Older Brother might (buying bulk for the family, y'know).
My family has had lousy luck with the free antivirus software! Norton's been O.K.(and darnit I still had three months left on the subscription on Lappy!). Kinda hoping I can get an educator's discount on Office somewhere.

A friend accompanied me on a little test-drive at Best Buy today. Not sure I'd buy from there, but the prices were good, and I got a good feel for the one I think I want. We shall see.

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