Younger Sister's Cat Tries a New Hairdo

So while Mom, Younger Sister and I are hanging out in the living room, waiting for Dad to come back from the gym to take Younger Sister to the train, Younger Sister's cat comes sashaying around all our legs.  She's a feisty orange cat who likes to clown around, and she's always in an extremely good mood when Younger Sister is home for a visit.

I reach down to pet her back, and I find her fur is kind of clumped together and sticking up in the middle.

Mom: Oh, you know a certain little boy [a.k.a. Middle Nephew] can't walk by any of the cats without petting them.  He's always got something on his hands, too.

Me: (to cat) You've got kind of a mohawk in the middle of your back.

Y.S.: It's a faux-hawk.

Me: More like a fur-hawk.

Mom walked to the back door, and the cat enthusiastically followed her, thinking Mom was going to let her out.  This cat is always begging to go out, and if she didn't do things like squeeze under the fence to frolic in the yard of the Police Headquarters, maybe she'd actually be allowed out.  Coincidentally, the cats' brushes happen to hang on hooks by the back door.

Double disappointment registered on the cat's fuzzy face as Mom sat the cat on her lap and brushed out the fur-hawk.

After that unpleasantness, however, Younger Sister, to whom this goofy orange cat owes her life, took pity on the kitty and let her out on a little walk with the little-used harness and leash.

Ah, happy endings.



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