Putting a Positive Spin on Today

As much as I hate attending mandatory workshops, at least a few good things came out of it.

* Gas was 10-12 cents/gallon cheaper out there (granted, it was almost 30 miles from home, but still) and I needed it badly.

* Hung out with with the also-hired-last-year gym teacher.  Nice guy.  Super young.  We also found our new Spanish teacher after a while. (Not interested in hanging with us. Cool, whatever, we're strangers.)

* I always manage to exchange contact info with at least one nice person. This time it was a woman who will be serving as a school's part-time pseudo-librarian.  It's unfortunate that a school would need to cut a librarian from its budget, but Lord only knows what non-negotiable it helped keep.

* Free coffee in the morning!

* This one is The Cat's: I forgot again today to call the vet back about scheduling a follow-up visit for The Cat.

She's actually been doing fairly well.  I would not be surprised if they cut back her thyroid meds a bit, however, because she's been sleeping a lot more.  She has been eating well, and the digestive incidents have been few (knock on wood).

In fact, as some chicken was baking in the oven this evening, she was sitting in loaf formation in the middle of the living room floor, purring to herself.

You gotta enjoy those little things in life.

That said, another workshop tomorrow. . .



ccr in MA said…
Ah, cat. One heck of a nice animal, frequently mistaken for a meatloaf. Glad she's doing better.
Kate P said…
:) Yes, the calico meatloaf is doing pretty well. I can't believe it's time for another round of steroids already.
Sara said…
Yay for the purring, calico meatloaf. :)

I see her subtle mind control is working, making you forget to make an appointment. Yes. All is going according to plan. *purr*
Kate P said…
I tell you, Sara, it's like hypnosis in the form of purring. She meditates on chicken and I go into a forgetful trance.

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