I Declare August "Retro-Reading Month"

Were you ever struck by a passing mention or a situation that reminded you of something you read, and it made you want to go back and read it again? That happened to me today.

Maybe it's that Mercury Retrograde's starting to creep in, or maybe it's that the arrival of August heralds the end of summer vacation, or maybe I have some weird sentimentality coming on, but in any case, I am feeling the need to go back and re-read something.

Specifically, because I saw Amanda Hesser on Rocco's Dinner Party while I was watching it today, I recalled her book, Cooking for Mr. Latte (don't ask me how, as it's been years since I first read it, says the Font of Useless Information). And I have decided that somewhere between or simultaneously with My Life in Pink and Green, Ship Breaker, the one book I forgot was assigned as "Summer Reading" for faculty, and the book I don't want to read for book club, I will re-read Cooking for Mr. Latte. I did an online request for it at my branch of the library earlier today.

So, if you would like to join me in a retro-read this month--anything you want to re-read--please do! You can share the title in the combox and/or post on your own blog (linking here of course).

Happy Re-reading!


Sara said…
I actually am re-reading already. A book you don't like....


I have so many unread ones waiting, but I just had to pick it up again.
Kate P said…
A book I don't like??? From high school, or currently? I don't like Breaking Dawn. Please tell me it's not Breaking Dawn.
Sara said…
From high school. It involves hoop skirts and almost 1000 pages of heavily detailed historical fiction. Breaking Dawn? You couldn't pay me enough to read anything in that series.

Well, I'd do it for six figures, but then I'd have to spend quite a while sobbing in shame afterwards.
Dave E. said…
"Were you ever struck by a passing mention or a situation that reminded you of something you read, and it made you want to go back and read it again?"

Oh yeah, happens all of the time. Sometimes I'll just hunt for the chapter of that book and sometimes it will prompt me to read the book again in its entirety. I'm not currently in that mode, but the last one about two weeks ago was this somewhat mindless entertainment.
Annie Coe said…
Funny, I just started to reread a book this week, Carlos Castaneda, the whole series of Don Juan books.
I read them in my 20's, so it has been a while.
Kate P said…
Sara--I think I hated Ethan Frome most of all, actually, but that's a close second. (But shhh don't tell AngelaNoelle!!!)

Dave--I recognize that author! There was a patron at the public library where I worked who was a huge fan. Told me all about his books.

Annie--Yay! I wonder if you will pick up on different or new things now this time around.
Annie Coe said…
Kate, Yes! I am and it is amazing.
Kate P said…
Very cool, Annie!

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