Because I Didn't Have Enough to Do This Weekend

(Admin's note: On this borrowed laptop, I had to use Chrome to blog.  I think everything looks weird, especially the font sizes and line spacing.  If things are unreadable, please tell me!)

Singing for a wedding Saturday? Yup.

Singing for Mass Saturday? That, too.

Younger Sister in town? Yeah.

Bridal shower Sunday? Check.

Got wire cutter and second set of clips for new stereo speakers? Ready!

Filling out juror questionnaire for district court!?  


With my luck, I'll be stuck in a week-long trial in Philly for the first week of school.  Any other time of year. . .



Red Stethoscope said…
Ugh! No! Fingers crossed for no jury duty.
Annie Coe said…
Good thoughts against that jury duty thing! xoxo
Sara said…
You fill out a juror questionnaire at home? What an odd little state. Delaware drags you in first and asks questions later.

Well... ummm... at least you're not bored, right?
Kate P said…
R.S.--thanks. . . we shall see.

Annie--thank you!

Sara--I think this is a preliminary screening, and it's not for the county but the entire Eastern District. (Which probably is the size of Delaware.) Supposedly I could fill it out online, but it didn't work.
I am so not bored right now I could scream.
Dave E. said…
Maybe if you put "guilty" in every field... :)

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