Off for a Few Days

Gonna visit some people I like, clear my head.

No, the stereo isn't fully assembled yet. But the tape deck showed up today, and into the cabinet it went. Pretty good fit, but when I return I have to look in my odd collection of wires to see if anything there will connect it to the receiver.

A friend is feeding The Cat, and while I am nervous about leaving The Cat, when my friend came to visit this morning, The Cat came out from her hiding place after a while and sashayed right up for a pet! No hissing or swiping. That little moment between them was a much-needed reassurance.

But I think I'll still get a meowy scolding when I walk in the door.


ccr in MA said…
Well, they never like us leaving, do they? (Other than those like Miri, that is.) I expect to get the same from Carlos when I get home. Sometimes we have to go anyway.

(My wvw is wises, so I think I'm onto something!)
Angela Noelle said…
Have a great time away! And hopefully kitty will have a nice weekend too ;)
Annie Coe said…
I hope you are having a great time away. Cat will get over it (in time :-). xoxo
Rob said…
Have fun. See ya when ya get back. :)
Kate P said…
Thanks, all--I'm back! And DO I HAVE STORIES FOR YOU.
Dave E. said…

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