Still Here!

Made it to Mass, which was very crowded.  A couple of people came up to me afterwards and told me I did a good job singing.  It later occurred to me that those were people who don't normally attend the vigil Mass and had not heard me sing before!  Good for them that they decided to come out tonight; I don't think anyone's going anywhere tomorrow.

Ate dinner at Mom and Dad's, made coffee, and then noticed the rain was getting heavier once 7:00 came around.  So I headed home, which took about five minutes because there was practically no one in my direction on the road and all of the traffic lights were green.

Our second tornado warning just expired--and I admit it, I had been sitting in the bathroom with the "terrorist radio" tuned to KYW for a while.  I was reading a book to get my mind off things, such as questions about the sturdiness of this building and word that a tornado might have touched down near where Older Brother & Family live.  

The Cat slept atop the cabinets for the most part, demanded food around 11:15, and then went back up to the cabinets after she ate.

I'm a little too keyed up to sleep.  The leak is definitely happening under the A/C in the dining room.  I put a plastic cup under it about 90 minutes ago and it's halfway full.  I think I will have to graduate to a bowl if and when I want to get some sleep.  It's too low to the floor to wedge the only bucket I have under there.

Overall, this sucks.  The only thing that would suck more is for the power and/or internet to go out, or people got hurt, or something landed on my car (knock on wood for all of the above).

I think I'll go take out my contact lenses while there's still power and then see (with my hot librarian glasses) if there's anything non-news-y on TV.  And try to relax.



Rob said…
Good to hear, Kate.
Red Stethoscope said…
Hope everything turned out OK! Sorry to hear about the A/C leak!

I was also a little jazzed up last night. This morning, at 6:45 a.m., my bedroom door (which doesn't close all the way) was banging back and forth, which only happens if the living room windows are open. I jumped up in a panic, wondering why I hadn't heard a window shatter, and rushed to the living room to find that my (very early bird) roommate had just opened the windows to get some breeze. I, of course, pretended like it was all good, then made her close the windows, so my door would stop banging and I could go back to sleep. So, yes, I'm basically that crazy, neurotic roommate. However, had the power gone out, I would have been a champ with my hurricane lamp and multiple battery-operated flashlights. So, there's that.
ccr in MA said…
Hope you came through all right! I for one have had it with weather events for a while.
Kate P said…
Rob--thank you!

R.S.--thanks and I hope you're all right after that "rude awakening." I had one of a different kind!

CCR--Yeah, I'm all right, thanks, and sick of the extreme weather, too!

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