Didn't Feel a Thing.

I did not know there'd been an earthquake in D.C. that was felt in Philly until my mom called my cell and asked me to text Younger Sister to see if she was O.K.  Mom couldn't get her on the phone.  I think all the cell signals were probably jammed, but in any event, as I saw in my e-mail when I got home a few minutes ago, she e-mailed the family a couple minutes after I sent the text.  She said she's fine, and as far as she can tell, nothing fell off the shelves!

I'd been out running errands, and I can't tell if I was still in transit at the time or had just entered the store where I was when Mom called me about 10-15 minutes later, but either way, I was surprised when she told me they felt it at my parents' house.

When I went to the next store for The Cat's food, the cashier said they felt it and the signs that are suspended from the ceiling swayed a little.  That store is in the same shopping center, only at the opposite end from where I was before.

Hmmmm.  If I indeed was in the first store when things were shaking, then maybe it's a shock-proof building.  

Or maybe I was distracted by all the shiny lip glosses.


ccr in MA said…
I felt it, over 500 miles away! Actually I kind of thought I was losing my mind. Glad the quakes don't happen often on this coast.
Kate P said…
CCR--you felt it that far away? Wow! I almost feel a little gypped that I missed it. The only one I ever remember feeling was a minor one very early in the morning when I was a kid; I think it was centered in Delaware.

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