The Friday Five

Five things that made me happy today:

1. A Kid Creole song on the radio in the car on the way home that reminded me of my late friend (I wouldn't know it, were it not for her), and of the one Friday when we were in college and had a ball with her normally grumpy dad, who grooved while this same public radio station played "I'll Take You There" as we hung out in her family's living room;

2. This video of a dog playing in the snow;

3. The rediscovery of my Ed Harcourt CD, and getting to flip back to "Apple of My Eye" every so often;

4. The relief of getting voicemail on a return call I was dreading to make but had to out of courtesy;

5. The possibility that the vile weather predicted for tomorrow isn't going to happen, thereby reviving my languishing social life.

It's enough to keep me from stressing out over the realization that I have to hit the library tomorrow morning or one of my assignments due Sunday is dooooomed!


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