Sorry, Wrong Number

I've had my home phone number for only a few months (after it was accidentally revealed on a police report to the people being written up), so I'm used to the occasional wrong number. Actually, I get fewer with this number than I did with the previous one--some poor lady named Vicky was finally receiving return calls from places where she'd applied for employment, probably eons ago. I don't have my name on my outgoing message, just the number, so I guess even if callers are paying attention to it (ha!) they don't know they're calling the wrong place.

Today, I heard this message on my voice mail: (heavy New York accent) Good morning, Gail, this is Toni with ______ Limousine. I got your fax with your reservations for Drew- I got it overnight but it's really dark and I wanted to go over the details with you, so please give me a call when you get a chance.

I hope Drew didn't wind up stranded.


WordGirl said…
Years ago I developed an immense hatred for a lady I'd never met named Angela 'blank'-a-zarri (not her real name). Not only did she have her phone disconnected suddenly, but she failed to give her new number (if any) to her:
doctor's office
close friends
debt collection agencies
everyone who ever knew her

I finally had to change my outging message: "If you're looking for Angela 'blank'-a-zarri you have the wrong number."
Mr. Bingley said…
When i was growing up our number was one digit removed from the emergency room in one direction and one digit from a local bar in the other.

I've always thought some cosmic meaning could be found in that.
Kate P said…
Oh, yeah--people tend to mix up exchanges a lot in this area, and growing up we got a lot of calls from confused girls looking for "Chrissie" at our number, which was annoying b/c my sister's name is similar. My mom wound up meeting Chrissie's mom who was on staff at the local doctor's office--she noticed my parents' number on the forms--and they had a good laugh about the mix-ups.
Nina said…
When I first moved to New York, my cell number was a recycled number that was apparently too recently active. For months I got calls for someone named Tyrese. It was a nightmare.
Kate P said…
People looking for Tyrese must've been really surprised to get you, Nina!

WG--I just remembered that a few months ago I went to pick up a bagel tray at a place near the office, and while I was waiting for them to pack it, I noticed their Employee of the Month plaques on the wall. There was one with Vicky's name on it. So I guess all those people finally getting around to reading her application lost out on a decent employee.
WordGirl said…
Shut it. That is too weird.
Kate P said…
Not when you're Kate P, WG. Weird stuff like this is my speciality.

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