School Media Program = Torture

The program I'm taking to become a school librarian requires me to take library science courses at the library school (duh), but also forces me to cross over into the school of education. I can't seem to make my education instructors understand that I'm not their average education graduate student. I have never professionally taught and do not currently work in an educational environment. (Or in a library environment, for that matter, but I get by O.K. on the library school's "turf.")

I just completed a "midterm" for one of the education courses I'm required to take for my program. It asked me to provide "examples from my own experience" about achieving some pedagogical goal. Well, guess what, Prof? I used an example from my experience as a student. If I get docked you'd better believe I'm appealing the decision.

I hate that I constantly have to remind them of my non-teaching status. Then again, I shouldn't really be surprised. These are the same people who, no matter how many assignments, discussion board posts, and e-mails I shove in front of them with my preferred name all over them--they still call me by my full name. *sigh*

Wanna know what I'm doing in the morning? I'm getting my butt out of bed extra-early so I can register for the third-to-last and second-to-last courses of my program. If I weren't so exhausted* from my scary ride home on ice/freezing rain I'd probably be up all night with giddy anticipation.

*I'm so exhausted I almost hit return and signed my name to this post as if I were posting to a class discussion board (you know, in the vain hope someone will address me by it in his/her response). Yup, time to turn ol' Lappy the Laptop off and go to bed.


Sal said…
Sal said…
Ah, good.
I really like your blog, Kate P.
Had to give mine up and I miss it.

I think your innate common sense will inure you to educatese.

And that is a very handsome cat.
Kate P said…
Hey, Sal! Nice to know you came by. "Educatese"--excellent term for it. I'm gonna have to remember that one.

I'll pass along the compliment to the cat. Maybe it will convince her that not *all* the time I spend on the laptop is wasted (thereby preventing a sofa-scratching-tantrum or two).

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