This Week's Friday Five

This week I tried calling around to a few pest control places to get their opinion on how to leave the pests behind when I move. I called five places, and got five varying responses:

Company #1: Use clear plastic boxes/don't treat beforehand/call afterwards if you see any.
Company #2: No time of day for apartments if they don't have a contract for the whole building.
Company #3: We'll come right out. That'll be $225. Why, no, this isn't a call center down south. Let's get you set up.
Company #4: Too late/you need several treatments/do it afterwards. Call us.
Company #5: Oh, honey--that's gonna be hard to avoid taking them with you. Take all the clothes out of your dresser drawers and spray the backs. Put all your things in storage and bring them in a box at a time. (I'm sure that would work great while I'm trying to finish up a final project for school.) No, you don't have to get rid of your sofa; we'll spray it for you after you move. (Um, why would I want that on a truck with my other things?)

Let the pre-move freaking out commence.


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