News, Mostly Good

I checked my school e-mail and found a message from my advisor telling me that (1) they opened a second section for the class I needed, and (2) she took care of adding the class to my schedule. YIPPEE!!! I never thought I'd say, "I'm taking another class, yeahhhhh!" but in this case it is very, very welcome. Thank you, Lord.

Speaking of school, I have only a couple of weeks to go for this quarter, and I made sort of a weird discovery: I think the third person assigned to my group for this project we're doing, dropped out of the class, and I didn't notice until tonight. She'd never responded to any group e-mails, and looking through the weekly discussion boards for class I don't see her name anywhere on them. (Unless she's always too lazy to post her own threads and just replies--I don't read every single comment.) I sent an e-mail to the professor to confirm--I'll be embarrassed if I'm wrong, but I want to know, darn it. I've kind of been procrastinating on this project (I haaaaate group projects) so maybe I can buy some time for us to refocus. Maybe.

Yesterday I had that horrible realization that the month ends on Friday and I'm moving in about three weeks. And my projects will be coming due. Yikes.


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