Two Confessions

One: I put off till last and then totally bluffed my way through some web-design-educational-project. Worked on it about an hour last night and not quite two hours tonight. Submitted it with two (!) minutes (!) to go on the deadline. I didn't bother to test whether it works. If it doesn't, I am going to plead ignorance.

Two: I got bored at the start of the second half of the game on Sunday. Started flipping channels. Found Sense and Sensibility on TCM, started drooling over Austen-ite men. . . and forgot to flip back. Completely missed the end of the game and the play everyone was talking about. Am now afraid that my un-American-ness will be discovered and I will be exiled. Because I also don't like mashed potatoes. How can I make up for this deficiency?

(Updated to add labels, and to say. . . while I was procrastinating tonight after work, I bought a new couch. I think it's the first real "new" furniture I've ever had. Other than new mattresses. I feel so grown up.)

(Update #2: You're not gonna believe this. . . in spite of the fact that my project didn't "run" properly, I earned 17 out of 20 possible points. According to the gradebook, I scored slightly better than average. Go figure.)


Nina said…
I am so un-American that I don't have a TV. I didn't even know who was playing in the super bowl until someone mentioned it to me 3 hours before game time. (Oh and I would watch an period romance of the Austen sort over a football game EVERY TIME).
Mr. Bingley said…
You never have to apologize for watching Jane Austen.

If I may be so bold, get a copy of the 1980 BBC Pride And Prejudice. Best Version Evuh.
Kate P said…
I wonder if that's the one we watched in 11th grade. My great-aunt (a nun!) gave me the Colin Firth one for Christmas about five or so years ago.

You're (metaphorically) looking at someone who took a Jane Austen course in college, and who never would apologize for watching Jane Austen. I even went alone to see a showing of the latest P & P (with both endings) at the artsy theater over the summer.

I'm just embarrassed I couldn't sit through the game in spite of my football pool goddess reputation at the office.

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