The Sorry Conclusion of Sorry, Wrong Number

As an update to my Sorry, Wrong Number post the other day, let me tell you about the new message on my home voicemail today: Gail, this is Jessica. I need you to call me to confirm Drew's reservation. And "Jessica" left an out-of-state phone number.

The other day when the first message showed up, I had shrugged and figured if "Gail" hadn't heard from the limo company then she would have called them to confirm. After I'd heard the new message, I thought, Something isn't right. I was at work and didn't want to use my work phone for long distance--but then I had an idea. I had the company's name, so I did an online search and found their site, along with an 800 number.

When I phoned them, I think the woman who'd left the first message answered. She didn't understand the problem. I'm not sure why. They were calling my home looking for Gail and Drew. Maybe she was ticked that I wasn't ordering limo service? Maybe she thought I was Drew's ex-wife looking to leave him stranded? I don't know. After being put on hold for a while--maybe to give them a few minutes to puzzle over the illegible fax and my phone number--I was happy to hear from the lady (who still sounded annoyed) that they understood and they thanked me for calling.

Would it have killed them to apologize for the inconvenience? Aw, forget it--just stick it to Gail and Drew for me, would ya?


Mr. Bingley said…
No good deed goes unpunished, my dear.
Kate P said…
Seems the longer I live, the truer that adage gets, Bingley.

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