Someone in My Corner, and Some Perspective

The call that I was supposed to get over a week ago from a professor who is overseeing my program wound up coming at an even better time, last night. Professor D. apologized for the delay in calling me but she has been traveling, partly in relation to her working on her doctorate. (Going to school in addition to a job--I definitely can sympathize with that.)

I told her about my being locked out of the course I need and her immediate response was that there's no reason for it, and that she was going to address the situation with my advisor to get me into the class. She even mentioned the possibility of "bumping" someone else (Grrr, yeah!!!!).

We also went over some of the things related to my final course that I'm taking in the fall, where I have to visit elementary, middle and high schools, and there's the possibility that arrangements could be made for the four weeks I spend at a high school to be with a really well-known top-notch librarian in the area. (Apparently this particular librarian is a multimedia whiz and blogs--in fact, I'm monitoring her blog for my current class w/Prof. D.) Prof. D. said that the previous student who spent time with this librarian had a great experience and learned a lot. That would be awesome.

That said, I won't count my chickens before they're hatched, and it's still going to be a bumpy ride leading up to that. I'm hoping that I will get to take both classes I need in the Spring, and maybe during the Summer it'll be possible for me to spend some time getting experience in a library. And then most likely I'll have to quit my job to take my final course. Like I said, bumpy.

As for short-term plans, well, I get a day off from work tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to that. If the rain clears up I'm hitting the park. Alone, regrettably, but it seems the Maiden Aunt's signals have been getting crossed lately and we'll just have to hope that it's temporary. Perspective--that's what our pastor talked about in church today. The Transfiguration was to help the apostles keep their perspective when the not-so-good things like the Crucifixion were going on and making them wonder if they'd "bet on the wrong horse" and want to give up. I've spent a lot of time lately far too focused on the present frustrations and questioning the direction of my life and my choices, but I know if I think about it, I can bring to mind the experiences that brought me this far and make me want to continue: a major one occurred in April 2006, when I walked into my mentor's school library and felt as if I were at home.


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