This Week's Friday Five

. . . has been canceled due to lack of brainpower. Too much reading this week, including this one which I think has been giving me nightmares. And I'm pretty sure this would not have interested me in my teen years any more than it does (or rather, does not) today, but not because of the subject matter (and because of the subject matter I am thanking the Lord that a past classmate I referred to as "Karen the Angry Native American" was refused entry into any future classes by my prof for this class as the result of her antagonistic behavior). The writing is somewhat treacly, the teen main characters seem more like 12 than 17, and the adult characters are kind of flat/unbelievable.

But, on the positive side, in addition to the four YA novels I had to read, I was required to skim a couple of graphic novels/comic books (something about Soulwind and PeachGirl), and I thought they were O.K. I'd rather get to the ones people recommended (a while ago now! Wasn't it around the Heroes water cooler?) over at Nightfly's place first, though.

Holy cow, it's almost 11:30. Gotta get these contacts out.


WordGirl said…
I'm late on the uptake, but GEEEZ... I remember dreck like this from my college days. Getting an English degree seemed to take forever because of all the crap (like this) they made us read.

I'm of the mind that literature should be beautiful and uplifting -- and you can do that within a tragedy! Look at Shakespeare! But tragedy just for the sake of tragedy is not art -- it's pandering.

Post-graduate, I'm only now discovering the actual canon! And it's waaaay better than this garbage, despite what my feminist profs led me to believe.

Post-modernism was the worst thing to happen to literature, IMO.

Hang in there.

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