Attending a Virtual Meeting

I was asked by my mentor-teacher (let's call her Dr. Red) to sit in on a talk she's giving at a meeting in Sek-und Lyfe (spelling changed but I think you get what I mean). I had to join up and it was like being deposited on a street in the downtown of a foreign city, with all sorts of strangers walking up to me. Yuck. Also, not liking my default appearance very much. I tried changing it before the meeting, but the display was hard to read. Apparently my graphics card doesn't match the requirements so I'm wondering if that's part of the problem.

I'm typing as I'm listening to Dr. Red--although I have to click back every once in a while because she's answering questions that have been typed in chat. The meeting started off a little weirdly with horrible feedback--someone had problems turning their mic off.

Having only two days' experience myself, I'm learning about what the other librarians are encountering and what their concerns are when they are using Web-based modules/media with their students for learning and projects. Part of it is that the district/administration can have a problem with what appear to be social networking modules. In fact, Dr. Red was trying to get me set up for this meeting on a computer at school, and we got blocked by the security program. Which is why I haven't gotten much done tonight--I had to come home, arrange to bring my car in, feed the cat, eat dinner, and get set up for the meeting. Wasn't in a good mood most of the afternoon--this wasn't what I had planned for the evening. . . hoping the meeting doesn't go much longer because I have to get some other things done before I go to bed (and I need sleep).

It's hard when it's just me taking care of things at home.


Amy Giglio said…
hang in there Kate!
Kate P said…
Thanks, Amy. :)

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