Minor, Somewhat Accidental Crimes

1. Last Friday, the apartment manager sent around a memo saying they were doing maintenance on the trees surrounding the parking lot behind our buildings Wednesday morning, and advised us to move our cars. Work was expected to start at 8. I usually leave for work around 8:20, so I set my alarm for 1/2 hr. earlier. I overslept and wound up walking out to my car at 8:02. One of the tree dudes setting out cones gave me the evil eye and almost didn't move out of the way when I started driving toward the exit.

2. When the one attorney I work for (not my boss) took me out for a farewell lunch today, a senior lady he knew from temple stopped at the table to say hi. He introduced me as an associate from work, and I shook her hand, but she kept looking at me suspiciously. I hope he called his wife the minute we got back to the office. I am not a homewrecker, y'hear?

3. During a training conversation with Princess Shortcut, I asked a few questions that made her give up information that more or less confirmed for me that I was wise to be skeptical of PTB's announcement of "we will be hiring someone." It didn't specify that they were hiring a replacement for me, and I do feel very sure that they are eliminating my position by distributing my responsibilities among several people, and hiring someone under PS. Because she asked me if I had any materials about training someone on the program.* Not that I was making big bucks, but they're definitely taking the cheap way out. I hope they know what they're doing.
*3a. The irony is, when they hired PS and I had to train her, she developed a bad attitude (dropped the mild-mannered, happy-happy facade that got her hired) and complained to both our boss and HR about me. She thought I was "too hard on her." Would not be surprised if the race card was played. It was nonsense--the program is very particular and there is little allowance for error. She needed to get it, and get it solidly, but she didn't like my "questioning"--i.e., I expected her to be able to come up with the next step in a given situation, and she wanted spoonfeeding. They abruptly ended the training, and she was to come to me only when she (screwed something up and) needed my help. Training materials? WHY? You told everybody my training was terrible. Not getting my help there, PS. You act as if you know better. Prove it.

4. By 4:30, my head was starting to hurt. It occurred to me that I had been doing training almost all afternoon, and had forgotten to drink anything or eat the plum I had in my tote bag. After work, I had to get cash to pick up my clothes from the tailor/dry cleaner, so I stopped at the chain drugstore in the strip mall owned by my work that's on the way home. There's an ATM in there, and they have a refrigerator case. I got a bottle of Lifewater ($1.49) and a big bottle of plain water ($1.39). The cashier scanned the Lifewater and the register beeped. He entered something, and then scanned the water. The total came to just over $2, and I went, "What?"
I looked at the screen, and the Lifewater scanned as $0.25 and non-taxable (wrong on both counts). I told the cashier (he seemed new, very young and confused) it couldn't be right. He said, "That's what it came up as." I replied that I didn't want him to wind up short, and he scoffed at that. So I paid and left. He didn't allow me to pursue it, so I accepted that a dead end's a dead end. I needed to get that sugar water in my system--apologies in advance if the prices in the drugstore go up. I tried! Really, I did!


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