Today was tough to get through, for the obvious reasons if you're an American. I'm also reminded that on this day in 2002, the president of my former job (my boss) announced to us, after we'd been crying all morning from listening to anniversary tributes, that the company was closing. Yeah, he was a jerk. A big, goofy, stammering jerk who had me setting up his new business as he was running the existing one into the ground.

I was also way tired from trying to set up my student health insurance, and failing and panicking, the night before. Work started off with volleying e-mails as we tried to get a meeting set up between my boss and the IT gal who supports the program I manage. Because my boss will not be at work tomorrow, and he didn't tell me. It's his annual birthday golf outing with his brothers, and while I don't begrudge him that, it would've been nice for him to mention that instead my hearing it from his admin as inside info. He shook my hand, thanked me for everything I've done, and wished me well.

The co-worker who has been iterating "It's not my job" for the past week also decided she's taking off tomorrow. She did not come by to say goodbye before leaving at five today, and frankly I am insulted. Not surprised, but still annoyed that she couldn't get over her passive-aggressive self for two minutes to say goodbye. We've worked together for nearly six years. (UPDATE 9/12/2008: It was revealed to me this afternoon that said co-worker also gave me the finger after I told her, "Sometimes, it might be your job," and turned to walk to my office. Your comment is right, Amy G. Ultimately, I feel very sad for her, that a woman over 60 needs to behave that way and enjoys being so freaking miserable.)

My exit interview is tomorrow morning, because the HR lady has the afternoon off. Then lunch with some co-workers (although obviously with only a portion of my own department present), packing up, and I'm done.

Holy cow.


Amy Giglio said…
This is very very exciting!!! Pray for those who you feel have slighted you. Every time the annoyance flares up, ask God to bring them to greater glory than He would bring you. Don't let it get to you. You're not going to be working there in 9 hours anyway. :)

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