The Friday Five: Distracted Edition

It was a long, difficult week, one I hope never to repeat. My brain's a little scrambled; my heart, a bit sad. Ideas for the Friday Five just were not happening this afternoon, so here are five things I did instead of coming up with a "real" idea for the Friday Five:

1. Played "attack the pen" with the cat. It always makes me laugh when she hides behind the sheet covering the living room chair. Nothing but fuzzy white toes jabbing through to grab the pen.

2. Took the hottest shower I could get. Pilates started again Wednesday night and I've got very unhappy muscles in my upper arms and chest.

3. Went to dinner with Mom. Dad had a dinner to attend for one of his music organizations. I left at 10:30 and he wasn't home yet. Party animal.

4. Cuddled with the senior cat at my parents' house. She's sixteen years old and very attached to Dad. She decided that if he wasn't home yet, my lap was acceptable for sleeping.

5. Took the Color Career Test and was a bit weirded out that among my career recommendations were Author, English Teacher, and. . . Librarian.

In spite of how uncertain I've felt lately.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend, and has sunshine for at least part of it.


Lindsay said…
Huh. That thing listed my current field within my best occupational category. Good thing I got one thing right.
Maggie May said…
The color career test told me I am a creator. I am best suited to a career in an artistic field.

I am an accountant.

Hahahah! Thanks for the link!
Ashley said…
I'm a creator.

And I've started taking graphic design courses.

Rock on. :)
Kate P said…
Did we all get Creator? My second was Persuader--that's my sister, for sure.

(Aside to MM: I have a relative who started out as a hairstylist--and a very good one--but went on to become a very successful CPA. Maybe accounting and creative fields are not completely incompatible?)

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