Day One of Class

Gotta dash something off before I make lunch and then crash. The good news is that my commute is considerably shorter now that I'm going to the high school. The bad news is that my car sounds terrible (deafening vibration at just 20 m.p.h.) and I'd better get it taken care of ASAP.

Today was only my second time in that library, ever, and it was a very busy day. I spent most of it helping with 8th grade orientations (three), which also helped me get to know the library, too. So far the students seem normal, and the faculty and staff are very nice. It sounds weird but just as I did when I first spent the day in a school library (back in 2006, the elem. school where I'll be later), I felt pretty comfortable in general.

The downside: I'm tired, and my feet hurt. (A classmate complained that her feet hurt, too, so I'm not alone!) The cat is freaked out that I'm up and leaving the house about an hour and a half earlier than usual and coming home earlier. She did get dinner a little earlier than usual, so no complaints there, at least.

The area I need to grow in during the next 12 weeks is being comfortable with teaching--confident that I can prepare for it, and actually do it. Also, I want to know, really and truly, what it means to run a school media center.


Ashley said…
I'm so happy for you!

What a wonderful new adventure you're embarking on. I can't wait to continue reading about your adventure as it unfolds. :)

Maggie May said…
Congratulations on reaching the first day of your new life!
Dave E. said… wrote 8th grade and normal in the same paragraph.

What have you done with the real Kate?

Just kidding. My own experience and the couple years I taught CCD to 7th and 8th graders makes me understand what a tough age that is, and to teach to. Good for you that it went well.
Kate P said…
Ashley--Thanks and yes, stay tuned.

MM--Aw, thanks!

Dave E.: I didn't mention that many of the 8th graders are taller than I am! We send them on a scavenger hunt of sorts in both the physical and virtual parts of the library, and most of them really enjoy it.

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