Morning Person Wanna-Be

One thing that's definitely different about going to school is the early start time. I have to be in school at 7:15, and while it is not a terribly long drive to school, my parking space* is a bit far from the main entrance, where I'm required to sign in. They're also doing long-term construction on the roads right near the driveway to the school. I usually leave the house around 6:45-6:50. One morning, I saw a trio of deer on the opposite side of the one major road I take. That never happened when I was leaving for work at 8:25.

Most mornings I'm up around 5:30, but I have a hard time getting going. It's dark, for one thing. The only talk radio station I can pick up (given that I'm across the street from a tower for one) is a drag to wake up to. If music didn't put me back to sleep and buzzers didn't give me palpitations it would be so much better. On top of the waking stuff I'm not so hot at getting to bed at a decent time. I'm used to burning the candle at both ends for the past two years--work in the morning, grad school work at night.

I'm not saying this to complain. In truth, I'm a bit concerned. I definitely want to be sufficiently awake when I leave the house, especially if there's a chance that deer might be bounding across the street. So, I want to know--any morning people read this blog? How about reluctant morning people? Any recommendations for making it easier to get up in the morning?

It just seems as if there's always one more thing to do before bedtime. Like now--gotta go wash the dinner dishes and pick out clothes for tomorrow. And make my lunch, and get ready for bed while watching Mad Men. . .

(*I got a designated parking space, but the previous driver forgot to return the hang tag for the mirror. I feel so illegal.)


Amy Giglio said…
I reluctantly get up at 5:45 to exercise (most days) before I get the hooligans up for school. I don't have to be really conscious yet, though. Whan I worked at corporate coffee and had to be there at 6 am, I was getting up at 4:30 to get ready and drive the half hour to get there. I have discovered it's easier if you 1. really like the job, 2.Eat before you leave or on the way 3. Don't hit snooze, 4. Get right to the shower, 5 caffienate promptly (got my hubby a travelmug/french press at Target for coffee. Just put in the ground beans, add boiling water and go), 6. Don't watch TV after 9:00. Just to bed already. Hope that helps!
Ashley said…
Go to bed.

Force yourself.

Get everything ready the night before - pack lunch, plan breakfast, and set out your clothes.

Good lucK!
Maggie May said…
I am totally not helpful. I am also a wanna-be. I am just pirating the good advice you are getting.
Anonymous said…
I agree with what Amy and Ashley have already said. Personally, I need sometime in the morning to sit with my coffee. I normally watch the news while doing this and then head out the door.
As to the alarm situation, does your radio/clock/alarm have the option to wake up to cd? You could download some podcasts and burn it to a cd.

The LSAT is Oct.4th....super nervous about it.
Kate P said…
Amy G--I forgot about the caffeine part. I've been going without in the a.m. since the switch to school. And totally guilty as to the snooze button.

Ashley--you are right; I have not been enforcing decent bedtimes consistently. I'm putting myself to bed early tonight (after making lunch, of course).

MM--that's O.K.! As a future librarian, I *want* people to get information. :) Later, we can both blog about our progress.

AC22--I get your idea. It's very hard to find something to wake to that's not so soft that I just wind up lucidly dreaming to it but not so jarring that I wake up in a panic. I'll have to think on that. Oh, and learn how to burn CDs. I'm pretty sure Lappy the Laptop can do it. (I will pray for your ease and success on the LSAT!!!)

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