Friday Five: Hit Me with Some Happiness

For a short week (courtesy of Labor Day), this was a long, rough week. Last night was especially bad because Lappy the Laptop was hit with a nasty virus and I couldn't access a thing. I cried myself to sleep, fearing I'd just lost two years of grad school work, and being furious with myself for not backing up really any of it. (Gonna remedy that ASAP.) The only reason I'm able to post right now is that an awesome co-worker in the I.T. department took pity on me and cleaned not one but twelve viruses (virii?) off Lappy, who had come in to work with me because I was determined to find someone, somewhere to fix it, and I couldn't leave it in the very hot, publicly parked car.

Speaking of work, right now I'm getting a ton of "teaching" experience as I train my co-workers. . . and I say co-workers with an "s," because it is completely undecided as to who is taking over what responsibility. . . and they all have pretty bad attitudes. Funny, they said they were so happy for me, but Tuesday afternoon seems so long ago. I've had a headache since yesterday morning, and it refuses to go away. Could it be tension? Nahhhhh. I know it's definitely not from the high school's informing me yesterday that there doesn't seem to be any documentation of my placement there for student teaching. Did I mention my advisor's on maternity leave until October?

Obviously, I need to get my mind off some really crazy stuff. So let's talk about five things that make me happy right now:

1. Air conditioning. It's one of the few luxuries I allow myself (1) in the car, to manage my allergies, and (2) at home, to keep the humidity from causing the carpet to buckle. I'm not excited about all the rain predicted to arrive tomorrow, but I am so over the upper 80s/lower 90s temps.

2. CVS. Even though I totally forgot to get tissues for my desk, it was a little bit of a pick-me-up to get myself a much-needed new toothbrush, soda, and girly-girl stuff like conditioner and nail polish. Which reminds me. . .

3. Nail polish. It's cheap and it comes in array of colors to suit your mood. (Um, if you're a girly-girl, I guess. Dunno what manly-men do that's comparable--run over ketchup packets with the car?) Plus it's kinda calming--forces me to concentrate while I'm using it, and then sit still while it's drying. (And, no, I am not a huffer.) I got "Blood Red" and "Shining"--hmm, those sound like vampire names or something. Speaking of vampires. . .

4. This book. I blew through the first one. I hate the number of typos (I hope they're typos), and the vocabulary and writing style is a bit limited (although considering the narrator is in high school, maybe the vocab thing is understandable), but the action and characters are interesting. If you had asked me in my early college days what I thought of vampires, I would've stuck my nose in the air and said I didn't get the attraction. The short-lived Kindred series changed my mind, although admittedly I first started watching it because the guy I was seeing was into vampires. And "Buffy" was interesting, of course, at least for the first few seasons.

5. The sheer fact that tomorrow is not a work day. After I go to yoga class, and get my stuff in off the patio so it doesn't blow away, I'm going bask in the joyous calm of reading, and polishing my nails. Ah, simple pleasures.

Hope your weekend is filled with them.


Lindsay said…
Hey! I'm reading that series right now, too. I started the first one last Saturday and finished it before I went to bed. I started the second one on Sunday and finished it before I went to bed. I started the third one on Monday and finished it before bed. I'm about to start the 4th one. I'm addicted, and I don't even know why. The typos are driving me crazy, and the writing does, as you mentioned, leave something to be desired. They're not good books by any means, and yet I'm hopelessly addicted. Seriously addicted. Sigh. I am so embarrassed of my addiction. I feel like I'm 12, only with taste. I can't wait for the movie to come out.
Kate P said…
I wish I could read a book in one day! Older Brother used to stay up all night finishing books--although I doubt that happens nowadays, considering he works nights. Still not quite done the second one; bought the third one on Saturday. I think I can wait to ask for the fourth one as a b-day gift in October. My book-buying days are over. For now.

I can't wait for the movie, either. I've loved Kristen Stewart since she did "Speak" (a very good adaptation of a YA book). She doesn't quite strike me as young enough from the stills, though. Whatever, I'm seeing it!

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