I Really Should Be in Bed. . .

I'm too wound up from today:

  • This morning did my usual cantor gig for Mass. It was Pre-Cana (marriage prep) day, and the couples go to Mass and attend sessions in the church basement before and after Mass. Which means coffee is brewing during Mass. The smell rises up to the choir loft and torments this coffee-lover the whole time I'm upstairs. Not to mention I feel a bit bummed out looking out over all the engaged couples, but, well, it is what it is. Before Mass, I said, "God, You don't know how hard this is for me- No, wait, You do. Sorry, I'll stop whining now." Still tried to see if at least one couple looked older than me.

  • An audible gasp was heard during the homily after our pastor explained how embryonic stem cells are obtained. I guess some people didn't know and/or were scandalized. It was a powerful homily. He never beats people over the head, but he gets the message across.

  • I went down afterwards to see my cousins (one of the instructor couples) in the basement, and I got a bagel out of the deal. Mmmm, consolatory bagel.

  • Finished swapping out my summer wardrobe for the winter one. My bedroom is the cleanest it's been since school started.

  • Did a trial run of getting to school. Got lost b/c my discussion of directions yesterday with Dad (where he contradicted something I said) got stuck in my head. I figured it out, but I lost a lot of time. But at least I know where the high school (in the new district) is now. And that it might take me 45 min. to get to school. (Yet another reason I really should be in bed.)

  • Stopped in to see my parents on the way back--they had Middle Nephew and Niece because my brother went to the Eagles game and my SIL needed to clean house without the little ones underfoot. I gave the kids the little Halloween pouches I got as a free gift for buying cards at CVS--I put Teddy Grahams in them. Middle Nephew (not quite four) says, "I'm going to eat you, Teddy!" Then he bites the head off. I guess that's humane.

  • Phils did awesome tonight. Yay!

I'd better log off and go make my lunch now!


Lizzie said…
"...No, wait, You do." that made me laugh. I'm guilty of doing that all the time too. Also? Adam's cousin was 36 and just married. She wanted to meet her man at church and did - it just took a while. Also, my Aunt Judy didn't marry until her 40s. It happens.
Amy Giglio said…
And if you never get married, so freakin' what? You're a smart, funny, wonderful woman and if God thinks he can put your talents to use best with you being a single woman, I guarantee that you can be happy. Love yourself, Kate!!!
Kate P said…
Lizzie--I'm glad you laughed, too! I feel like Homer Simpson: "Lord, you know everything, you're. . . omnivorous." It'll happen when it happens. Thanks for the reassurance. :)

Amy G--Thanks for the compliment. It's less a matter of loving myself and more that I'm having a hard time reconciling the longings in my heart with the current state of my life. I think.

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