Interesting Day Today

One of the seniors--a lovely, slightly shy girl who's a serious fan of Christian rock and is writing her research on one band's success--asked me this morning what "voter fraud" meant.

Hrrrrrrrrrrrfffffffffff. How hard it is to have to talk about how certain people think they have to cheat to win. I don't even get it myself, really.

Speaking of cheating, after several back-and-forth messages through the stupid "Ask [School]" site, time spent filling out a waiver of late fees form, and a subsequent flat-out "Your request has been denied" without any explanation (except that it's easy to be cold through a messaging system), it took a phone call right to the Bursar's office and a rehashing of everything to get a stupid late fee taken off my account. It wasn't very large, but it was the principle of the thing. I'm ready for Friday. Hopefully that is the last check I'll ever have to send to school (loans repayment goes elsewhere).

After that matter was settled--and mind you I was sitting in my car in the parking lot at school still--I called my mom to let her know I emerged victorious from my battle with the Bursar, and to double-check the house number for my sister so I could mail her Phils tee to her. Mom said Dad had entered a contest to win a laptop from a local radio station--and they called his name this morning! He had to call them within a certain amount of time, and apparently anybody who knew my dad and heard the announcement (and even some guy the next town over who got out the phone book) called my parents' house to tell my dad to call. The thing was,

1. It wasn't even 8 a.m.

2. My dad was already at work.

3. Dad's cell phone was turned off.

Poor Mom. She's not a morning person and she had to field quite a few phone calls. But Dad called the station in time, and he's got a brand new laptop. That someone would gladly take off his hands if he doesn't want it.


PomJob said…
A laptop is a slamming prize... much better than a not-so-good book!
Lizzie said…
Usually the station I listen to gives away tickets to crappy concerts that no one wants to go to. And Daddies CAN sometimes be convinced to be generous...
Kate P said…
Pom--my dad wins the craziest stuff. Last time it was a gift basket that looked as if it were for a baby shower--for a baby girl!

Lizzie--funny you should say that. . . my first concert was with my late friend who'd won the tix and we discovered the seats were BEHIND THE ELECTRONICS CONSOLE. And one of the acts had canceled. At least we were able to move up to better seats! :)

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