I Miss My Car.

No, the dealer did not get around to looking at my car today. Of course not. It's Labor Day weekend.

No, the dealer did not offer me a loaner car. They told my parents (who have graciously been my proxy while I tried to complete my first week at my new job, for crying out loud) that they only had four loaners because they'd sold one of them recently--so why I couldn't have one of the four remaining is beyond me, although the impression I get is that either I'm not on the valued customers list, or they don't want to give any indication that what happened with the car is anything other than my fault (i.e. I don't deserve a rental).

My parents refused the dealer's offer to rent from some national company that I didn't even know we had in the area, and instead went with a local company that we and our extended family have used on occasion. The person that I know who is connected with the manufacturer spoke with my parents later and was impressed with the rate they got. There is also some hint that we might be able to get some help with the cost of the rental. I'm just concerned about how long I'm going to have to be driving a rental. That adds up.

Also, the rental is a Camry. I don't think it handles that great, compared to my car (when functional). I'm worried about getting into an accident, or something happening to it if someone does something stupid in the apartment parking lot.

I know it's just a car, but it's my car that I worked hard to pay off and maintain. It has been not only my transportation but also my sanctuary from work, and study hall when I was in grad school. It's really hard not knowing if Tuesday was the last time I'll ever drive it.


Amy Giglio said…
Sorry Kate. Car dealers are stupid. :(
Kate P said…
Aw, thanks, Amy. Let's just say this wasn't my first choice of a dealer but it was the closest for towing.
Lizzie said…
Not having a car is bad news when you have things like "work" to get to. How frustrating!

I feel the same way about my car. (Even though it's a two-door and we now have a kid to smash in the back seat.) When we lived in a more lively part of town someone WALKED over my car. I mean, there were dents and shoe prints across the hood, top, trunk. I was irate!
Dave E. said…
Good luck on the car, Kate. 80K is pretty low mileage for a catastrophic engine failure these days. I think the manufacturer should be a little ashamed about that and at least help you out somewhat, given the family history of buying their vehicles. What a pain regardless.
Cullen said…
That is exactly what I was thinking, Dave. 80k is awfully low mileage for something like this to have happened.

You don't like the Camry? I surprised. One of my favorite cars (from the practicality perspective).
Kate P said…
Lizzie--WTH? Who walks over a car!? Some people are rude.

Dave--yeah, that's exactly our outlook on the whole thing. I'm hoping--no, I _expect_ to hear something on Tuesday.

Cullen--nah, don't like it. It's a little too big for me, and the front wheel drive is annoying. I feel like I'm peeling out whenever I make a turn from a full stop.

And what is up with this feature on cars where all the doors unlock whenever you put the car in Park? Can I turn that off? That is not something a single gal wants!

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