The Friday Five: Kate P Answers (Nearly) Anything

1. (from Annie Coe) What is your favorite book and what book inspired you the most to change?

I’ve always said it’s hard to pick a favorite, but my all-time favorite is Eight Cousins by Louisa May Alcott. (In case you couldn’t tell from the quote on my blog heading.) It starts off with a very sad girl who has suffered a tremendous loss and thinks she is all alone, but life gets better for her once she opens herself up to the kind people in her extended family and beyond. I could go on about it for awhile.

As for the book that inspired me the most to change, I would say that there have been a few. I'll mention a couple here. Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards, which a high school art teacher recommended to me, changed the way I looked at art and being an artist. It just changed my perspective entirely. I’d also say that a book called The Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine Aron went a long way to helping me both accept myself for who I am and care for my own needs—I spent years being told I was weird and that I shouldn’t feel the way I did (do), just because nobody else around me felt the same way. Now I know none of that was really true--and not to put up with that "You're too sensitive" throwaway line anymore.

2. (from Amy G.) Do you miss dairy? What is the thing you’d love to eat again if you could?

I miss dairy at times, but I definitely don’t miss being sick all the time. That’s pretty much what I tell myself in the face of temptation. It’s really hard sometimes when there’s birthday cake being passed around. Even tonight at happy hour with my co-workers—they demolished a huge plate of nachos. That sat right in front of me the whole time. I feel like an outsider sometimes. And if it were just once a year, like on my birthday or something, I would love to have one big piece of tiramisu, darn it.

3. (from Cullen, part 1) [Because] you haven’t traveled too extensively, . . . given the opportunity, where would you like to go?

Well, I’ve always said I’d like to see Barcelona and Rome, and locally, San Diego so I could see where my mom lived as a girl. Those are my top ones, and those never change. I will get there someday. That said, sometimes I think I’d like to see someplace extremely popular like Las Vegas, just to see what the fuss is all about. And a standing getaway to a nice little beach town wouldn’t be bad, either.

4. (from Cullen, part 2) If offered your dream job, would you consider moving to a different state?

Which state are we talking about? (Uh, not that I have any prejudices against any particular one *cough*WestVirginia*cough*) I think if the hypothetical dream job did require a move, I might be O.K. with it. It might be nice to make a fresh start—go someplace where there’s no chance of running into people I don’t like, or if I had relatives in the area, that might be a nice connection.
I’m just not sure if I’d be O.K. with being someplace landlocked. Even though I made it to the shore for just one day this year, there’s something weirdly reassuring about just knowing the ocean’s not too far away.

I think my family would not like it if I moved away. My sister moved out of state and her current beau is from Scotland, so my mom’s fretting already about the chance she might move farther away. And how would I be able to help her upload her photos from her digital camera if I’m hundreds of miles away?

5. (from Nightfly) How’s your kitty doing?

She is very flattered that you asked after her! Well, the advent of chillier weather is turning her back into instant-lap-kitty, i.e., I sit down in the living room and before I realize it, I look down and there she is, settled down right in my lap. Really, I don’t know how she gets there so quickly.

Also, with the colder weather, there seems to be a certain little critter (mouse? chipmunk? singing frog?) scratching around in the outside wall, right next to the office/dining room window. The cat gets rather obsessed when she hears the scratching, which is why I end up with a picture like this:

From the bottom of the windowsill to tip of her ear = about 31 inches

Have a happy weekend!!!


Anonymous said…
That is such an awesome picture!
ccr in MA said…
I love that cat picture! And your measuring her reminds me of a time years ago when I had Harold on my lap, rubbing his belly until he stretched full length both ways. A friend held a yardstick next to him, and sure enough, three feet long!

I can imagine moving, but at this point, only to be nearer to family. Just for a job? Nah, I've done the semi-random-move thing already.
Cullen said…
Thanks for your answers. See, it's hard for me to fathom living in one place for longer than four years or so. It's interesting to get another perspective.

And, echoing those before, great pic of the kitty.
Kate P said…
Charli--thank you; I would tell the cat you said that, but it might make her puff up with pride.

ccr--Harold must be cut from the same kitty cloth. These are lonnnng kitties. And I do (or did) know someone who moved for a job and it turned out pretty well, but it was one of those headhunter deals and the salary/benefits made it way easier to move and to come back to visit family often. I don't see many librarians get recruited, though.

Cullen--well, I have moved around _locally_ about every two years on average. I hate moving and I hope the next time it happens (because it will happen) I will be moving into something more permanent. Hopefully a house. But it seems to be moving the other way. Depending on the money/job/car situations, the threat of having to move in with my parents looms large. Ugh.
nightfly said…
Sorry about the frequent moving. I hated that so much. The first thing the real estate agent said to us when we were house-hunting is, "It's a great starter home!" about one of our first visits. And we replied, "We want a HOME home, start to finish." Message received, and to her credit she changed tactics, and we found our place. I want us to be old and gray in that house.

You have a telegenic and attentive kitteh! Scratch under her chinny-chin for me!
Kate P said…
'Fly--yes, NOTHING escapes that kitteh. Except that mousie she can't seem to reach. And she loooves a nice scratch under the chin.

You had excellent communication with the real estate agent! My parents were in their first home together (after an apartment briefly) a couple of years, and then not long after I was born they moved into the house where they are now. So it is possible to stay in one spot, and I hope you have many happy decades in your home. :)
Annie Coe said…
Sorry it took me so long to get here and see you answers, I've been busy with a sick kitty. very interesting, I will have to check out those books. Thank you for your prayers about Spike. xoxo

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