Nerves and Other Annoying Things

Evaluation tomorrow at school. My first evaluation. One of the administrators will be observing me as I teach a lesson (information-literacy-related) to one of the American Lit classes.

The good news:

* I've been teaching this lesson to several other American Lit classes for the past week.

* The lesson is based on (and practically dictated by) the wiki that I created based on the assignment and under the guidance of the other librarian.

* The class is meeting in the closed computer lab, as opposed to out in the center of the library, where it's noisy and other students seem unable to keep the h**l out during class time. So there's a chance they might pay attention.

* This lesson relates directly to a major assignment, thereby adding to the chance that they will pay attention.

* The administrator who is evaluating me is genuinely nice. (It helps that I made a really good impression on her during my interview.)

The bad news:

* I've been warned this particular class isn't as well-behaved as the other sections.

* I'm using technology, which just lends itself to a random breakdown--and considering the network's track record for the school year, the odds of some failure are higher than usual.

* I have to write a lesson plan, and not only do I hate doing lesson plans, I am experiencing a lot of confusion over which template and which standards to employ. Frustrating.

* The school district is really tight with its evaluations, and the superintendent gave a lovely talk during orientation that stated in no uncertain terms that any long-term sub (i.e. someone in my position) who receives a bad evaluation is outta there. I was sick to my stomach after that talk.

Needless to say, I am nervous. I'm off to scrounge up a lesson plan.

While you're thinking positive thoughts and/or offering up a prayer for me, submit a question if you haven't already.


Cullen said…
Darn it, I meant to add my good luch earlier. So, I hope it went well. Let us know.
Kate P said…
Cullen, it is still very much appreciated! I haven't seen the formal observation remarks yet, but overall the feedback I got during the meeting afterwards was positive, with criticism that was constructive.

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