Halloween Mooching

It may be an apartment community from which I blog, but the community goes elsewhere to trick-or-treat. If I want to see any kids in costumes, I go to my parents' (a.k.a. the same neighborhood I toured, costumed, pretty much all my life, as "my first Halloween" occurred when I was a couple weeks old and that was my only year in our previous house). I helped hand out candy while Mom took pictures with the digital camera practically everyone in the family taught her to use. A total of 48 kids came, and I think things pretty much were over by about the time the baseball game started.

Highlight #1: K, the little boy across the street and over a couple houses, announced, "I'm a Stormtrooper!" with the biggest grin on his face.

Highlight #2: I got a big hug from one of my former teen advisory board kids from the ol' public library job. She lives around the corner from my parents, but last night was the first time we'd seen each other since my last week at the library.

Highlight #3: F, about 15-16 months old and dressed in a cuddly bear cub costume, fell in love with the rocking chair in my parents' living room. Total cuteness as she rocked and rocked away. She cried when her mother said it was time to go. Really endearing, because the rocker used to belong to my grandmother.

Highlight #4: The last visitor of the night, "Jessie" from Toy Story 2, had the privilege of petting the senior cat of the house. "She's not moving away!" the little cowgirl said, amazedly.

Weird candy item of the night: My mom had bought Tootsie Roll Pops to give out. Kids were reaching for the red-orange wrapped ones that looked new to me. Turns out they are pomegranate. Uh. . . . yum?

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nightfly said…
Some of these kids are very inventive with the costumes; others just grab a pillowcase and go out as-is, like they just came back from the mall. One of these Halloweens, I'm going to work up the guts to actually tell them "No costume, no candy."

Really, if you can't put any effort into it, why should I?
Kate P said…
Yeah, if you knew they wouldn't egg your house (or worse), you totally should withhold candy from any non-costumed kid.

I do find that it's easier to get away with that if you are a cantankerous old man, however.
Elizabeth said…
Pomegranate tootsie pops? Man, kids these days DO have it better!
Lizzie said…
Oops - that was me.

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