I Have Some Explaining to Do

O.K., so I haven't exactly been able to get anywhere near my laptop in the last few days.

Friday: School, then happy hour with some math & science teachers (seriously, where was everybody?), then the school play with my new-teacher-orientation buddy, the music teacher from one of the elementary schools. It was a tragic story but it was really well done. I'd give you the name but it might I.D. my school. Then the music teacher and I went for drinks and talked about our crazy parents, silly pets, and dating woes.

Saturday: Slept in, watched DVDs, did errands. That was a nice recharge.

Sunday: My sister changed up her usual travel plans (arrive really early on Thanksgiving morning and go back to bed) and came up here late Sunday morning. It was fun spending the day with her. We did not get to our Scrabble game, however, so we're just going to continue the trash-talking until the Thanksgiving post-dinner showdown.

Yesterday: Not very enjoyable. At the start of second period, while I was helping a teacher in a hurry to move one of our laptop carts, my foot got run over. Painful and embarrassing. Nothing broken, though. So I got ice from the nurse's office and tried to tough it out for a bit, but by 10:30 it was apparent that I was miserable. Not to mention useless in the library. So I went home, put my foot up with more ice. I had a doctor's appointment in New Jersey that I couldn't cancel, because I had to wait three weeks just to get that one, so I went.

Traffic was terrible getting to Jersey, and then the weather was worse once I got to Jersey. I think it was raining twice as hard as it was on the Philly side. Found the office, got through my appointment, listened to the traffic report. . . decided to bum around Cherry Hill while traffic cleared a bit. I found a shopping center with a bookstore and a supermarket I used to love when I lived farther west of the city. And, uh, spent a bit of money and probably more time on my injured foot than I should have.

But, hey, gas in NJ was almost 40 cents a gallon cheaper AND somebody else pumped it for me, so--score!

I spent today in sneakers, had fun with the students doing the drama research, and got annoyed with one of the library staff who either doesn't have her priorities straight or doesn't see me as a superior. Or both. I finally got to open my Etsy orders from Annie Coe and Ashley. Their handiwork is so wonderful that I'm having a hard time parting with the pieces I ordered as gifts for other people! Oh, and the Cat had a (carefully supervised) fun playtime with the string from Ashley's artfully wrapped package. Cats are the masters of reusing materials. (Speaking of cats, please send some good vibes to Annie; her kitties have not been well lately. Bummer.)

I have one more day of class and then I will be making PEPPERS! and PIE!


Mr. Bingley said…
Saturday: Slept in, watched DVDs, did errands.

that sounds like heaven.
ccr in MA said…
Sorry to hear about the foot! Be sure to use it as an excuse every time you need one: "Oh, I wish I could help with that, but I really need to sit down and ice my foot now." Feel better, and have a happy turkey day.
Annie Coe said…
So glad you received my etsy stuff, and that you like it :-).
Hope your foot is better fast. xoxo
Kate P said…
Bingley--oh, it really was, especially after such a long week. (Nice to know that I went to heaven after feeling dead.)

CCR--well, I did get to wear sneakers the rest of the week, so that was good. And I stayed as far away from computer carts as possible! Happy turkey day to you!

Annie--thank you!!! I do feel better. Normal shoes today. :)

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