"You Keep Using That Word. . . " is perfectly applicable here

One of the oft-spouted phrases by some students, after a staff member has undertaken some disciplinary action--ranging anywhere from a "please stop" to a "you've been warned, you broke the rules again, now you've gotta go"--toward such students, is that our library is fascist.

That claim never goes unanswered. We stop immediately and address it, because that is a completely unacceptable accusation, and way out of line--even if we were peers.

I kept wondering, since it was said so often, perhaps the kids were quoting a movie or TV show. Amazingly, a quick search for the phrase brought up only one
result. And I loved the response "The Queen B" made:

I don't believe you mean the library is fascist. I think you mean
people who run it are. But let's look at that. Webster's
Dictionary defines
fascism as: a political philosophy, movement, or
regime that exalts nation
and often race above the individual and that
stands for a centralized
autocratic government headed by a dictatorial
leader, severe economic and
social regimentation, and forcible
suppression of opposition.

These kids have NO idea what fascism is even remotely like. In the high school where I was student teaching, they had to put their iPods away the minute they walked through the doors. I mean, security would stop the kids and make them pull their earbuds out.

Where I am now? I've seen students use their iPods in class. (Probably to drown out their noisy classmates so they can hear themselves think.) They would apply to Amnesty International if they had to put their iPods (that they were given and didn't have to save for,
unlike me) away.

I'm thinking I'll post The Queen B's excellent point in a prominent place near my desk.

Probably somewhere near the Trashcat calendar.


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