Happy Thanksgiving!!!

It is a damp, overcast day here in Philly, but it's not really cold, so that's good. People's spirits seem generally up, especially the people at the parade (hosted for the last time by a local TV news personality who is retiring. . . nice guy, dad to this hottie, will be missed).

I'm thankful for my loved ones (including The Cat), my faith, my friends, the fact that I have a decent place to live, a full-time job, and a car that runs (having come back from the dead).

On a more mundane note, I am thankful that after a week of searching, my missing library book turned up, with a lucky quarter to boot!

And, of course, I am thankful for all of you who visit, read, comment. You all contribute more than you know. I think of people who are very isolated, especially on a day like today, and I say a prayer for them that they still will have a good day, and that they will have someone reach out to them, if not today, then soon.

Now, I'm off to do a little pilates and then get dressed so I can haul some Polaroids, peppers, and pie over to the parents' house. I've already gotten a call from my dad asking if I had a particular glass bowl in my possession--as my mom fussed at him the background--so I guess it's going to be one of those years. The reason behind all that is something for which I am definitely not thankful, but it's something beyond my control so I just have to go with it.

Stay tuned for the Friday Five tomorrow. It's going to be a photo one, I think.

Have a great Turkey Day!!!


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