School Is, Like, Hard and Stuff

Not sick or dead--just really, really busy. And tired. There were parent-teacher conferences last night, so that meant the students got the day off. . . and the faculty was at school from 1-8:30 at night. Obviously, I didn't have meetings with parents, but all the librarians from the district got together for a meeting at our location. We are a surprisingly loud group--I was a bit hoarse afterwards.

I also am helping the American Lit classes with their big literary criticism project. The teachers decided to dump the tried-and-true project they've done for the past, oh, decade or so, and there are a lot of bumps we are trying to iron out. I stayed late to meet with them because we are up to the drama section and more or less single-handedly I have been trying to create a list of over two dozen plays cross-referenced with possible thematic topics. Because students are starting to come to the library in search of plays and don't have a clue what any of the plays on the list are about.

Not that I have any idea, myself. Did I mention that the concentration for my B.A. in English Literature was British Lit? Most of what I know of American Lit is what I learned in tenth grade. Most of which I would prefer to forget (Ethan Frome, The Crucible. . . ugh). So the meeting was basically to show the teachers what the Drama for Students series has been saying the possible topics are for certain plays and how I've been able to isolate major topics from individual volumes' indices and convert them into a table.

Which I have done for 15 out of 19 volumes of said series so far.

Yeah, I'm tired.

After reading this post, you probably are tired now, too.


Lizzie said…
Well, better busy than bored? Maybe?
Annie Coe said…
Get some rest! And I know how you feel. I am not sure if you received my emails, but just in case, your ETSY items are on their way. Let me know when they arrive safely.xoxo
Kate P said…
Lizzie--yeah, I don't think I could tolerate boredom. Busy kinda works. :)

Annie--I'm trying, I'm trying! :) Thanks for the Etsy stuff!

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