Wrapping up November

Today was the first day back from Thanksgiving and the last day of the month at the same time. So I had crazy kids fresh from four days (or more) off, who wouldn't settle down. . . seriously, at one point during seventh period I just left my desk because the noise from the class using the computers near me was unbearable--the teachers here are great but some place no expectations on the class to behave any differently in the library as opposed to being isolated in a classroom. . . and a million computer labs requests for December.

Time has certainly flown. And what a month it has been.

The good things: School-wise, I survived a formal observation of my teaching and tackled a major American Lit project. I also helped organize a
NaNoWriMo-related write-a-thon for the writing classes (doing YWP). Blog-wise, I enjoyed answering blogfriends' questions in honor of my 400th post, and posted more than a few kitteh pictures. Home-wise. . . well, let's just say the clutter is finally starting to clear in anticipation of setting up my birthday/Christmas present TV. And Thanksgiving went pretty well--my family didn't drive me crazy, and I didn't feel as much of the single-person angst that I expected. I did feel a little bummed out when everything was over, but in the end I was glad to have some time alone to recharge my batteries.

The not-so-good things: My first attempt at
NaNoWriMo ended at 1,167 words. I was one of what WriMo Chris termed "The Go On Without Me's. For you, November turned out to be a very bad month to try and write a novel. Life went completely crazycakes, and you faced a never-ending series of demanding work or school projects, health emergencies, social obligations. . . You managed to get a few good ideas down on paper, but . . . [y]ou're. . . planning on giving it a try next year." Yeah, I hope so.

I also suffered a crazy rash/allergy attack which ultimately led me to a doctor's visit (the same day I had a mishap with a computer cart) and this weekend I found out I am quite anemic. That could explain a lot of things. Once I start getting that corrected, I could be feeling a lot less lousy.

Looking forward to December: More school projects, a seasonal return to my bookstore job so I can justify buying Christmas presents, lots of singing (which reminds me--I have choir practice tomorrow), and hoping that inner lack of single-person angst from Thanksgiving will stick around through New Year's.

If necessary.


nightfly said…
Heh... what would you call a guy who doesn't want to be the "go on without me" guy, and so has never had the nerve to commit to the NNWM? (I'd call him "Nightfly.")

Sometimes, having a good month means just taking whatever it dishes and holding your ground. I always think of "The Longest Day," with the British paratroops on the bridge: Hold till relieved, hold till relieved... Well, that's a good month - not good to go through, but a good result.
Totally minding your business - you are not only correcting the anemia, but looking for causes, right? Some people naturally have low iron, but sometimes it's caused by other problems.

"Sometimes, having a good month means just taking whatever it dishes and holding your ground" - c'est vrai. I too hope that your lack of single-person angst sticks around, unless it is not needed.
Kate P said…
'Fly--so true. Sometimes it's just about handling what comes your way.

Laura--oh, yes, my usual m.o. is to look for the causes, not just to treat the symptoms. In this case, I have been so tired and fuzzy-headed that it's more imperative that I get brought back up to functional levels ASAP. Probably a lot is nutrition-related and stress-related stuff.
I appreciate that you care about me! :)

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