A Post-Thanksgiving Friday Five

A little collage. . .

1. Top Left: Remembering those who can't be with us--coffee in a mug that used to belong to my late great-aunt.

2. Top Right: Marinated bell peppers which turned out to be a big hit with Youngest Nephew. No bread or crackers required. Only 20 months old and already quite the gourmand.

3. Bottom Right: Dairy-free, soy-free pumpkin pie sounds very bad but tastes very good. Next time I make it, I will change two things: (1) I will have a 9-inch pie plate (not pictured: leftover filling in custard dish to bake alongside), and (2) I will buy pre-made pie crust. That crust was just sad.

4. Bottom Left: The biggest downside to dinner. . . all those dishes to wash up. I'm thinking Older Brother had to leave dinner to go to work at the restaurant he manages because there are some people who really want to avoid doing the dishes after dinner. (Kidding! I'm kidding!)

5. (Above) Somebody was doing her best to go about her usual routine and not be alarmed that I didn't go to work two days in a row by ignoring me.

Happy weekend!


Dave E. said…
Mmmm. Those pics of the peppers and pumpkin pie look great. And who's afraid of a few pots and pans and dishes after a good holiday dinner? You join in and tackle them and then have a nice glass of wine, eh?(not knocking on your bro)

Glad that it sounds like you had a good Thanksgiving.
We had a long weekend too, and did some stuff in the house and the garage. The cats do seem a bit perplexed.
Cullen said…
Glad you had a good Thanksgiving. We had a good one as well.
Kate P said…
Dave--oh, no! I didn't mean my brother went to work so he didn't have to do dishes. He's more of a water-pourer and table-clearer at dinner, anyway. I meant the people who go out; but I get where that would make more sense than cooking at home. :)

Laura--yeah, we totally crimp the cats' style when we stay home, don't we?

Dave E. said…
Ah, I get you. I think I misread that "I'm kidding" a bit. I've worked at a restaurant on Thanksgiving, but I can't remember ever eating at one that day.

Little bro took up the challenge this year since mom was in New York. He cooked the bird upside down, but otherwise did a great job. That and walking into the kitchen to see little sis trying to carve the beautifully browned back of the bird will amuse me for the rest of my Thanksgiving holidays.

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