Going Back to an Old Standby

Today's a good day for a throwback. It's the Friday Five! And I've got five stories for you.

1. Somebody turned 13 yesterday. No, not me! I'll give you a hint:

She likes to inspect every package that comes in the door.

You need another hint, you say?

She likes long naps in warm places--above cool places.
This window ledge is over the A/C.

2. I went to my new school yesterday morning to sign my contract and fill out paperwork for insurance, direct deposit, etc. The bad news is that it's been more than a year since my last fingerprinting, so I have to go get fingerprinted again. Hassle. The good news is that this time around, the school is paying for it.

3. Everyone that I've met at the new school so far has been very nice. Word has gotten out about where I went to high school, and so I kept dealing with conversations like these: "Oh, my daughter/niece/cousin went to your high school. She graduated in 2000; did you know her?" Hey, if they think I'm 27 or thereabouts, I'm O.K. with that. Too bad I can't lie if they ask me point-blank what year I graduated.

4. I scored a purple cotton tank top at The Gap for $4.88 (6.97 + 30% off for some weekend special thing). It looks a little like this one, except that the straps tie at the shoulders. It's a size too big, but I got it for sleeping, anyway. The tie straps are functional so that does help with the fit a little. (Of course, I had entered the store with the intention of finding a new white linen skirt after pulling mine out of storage and finding spots on it. Spots the dry cleaner couldn't get out. I don't think skirts are all that big with Gap anymore, though. Pity. I just bid on one at eBay.)

5. A tale of woe about Younger Sister. Having languished in her post-merger job for nearly two years now, she scored a promising interview for this week. Immediately before which she developed laryngitis. She had to ask a housemate to call the people to explain and reschedule. Poor kid!

It's about time for The Soup, so see you later!


ccr in MA said…
1. Happy birthday, purrface!
2. Fingerprinting probably only seems cool to me because I've never had it done. I can imagine that the thrill wears off quickly.
3. I suppose it would give the wrong impression if you answered the when-did-you-graduate question by saying, "I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you."
4. I go through phases with eBay. I won't even think of them for months (or will resist the temptation, anyway), then jump right back in. I got a tote bag and a great old book this month, happy!
5. Poor YS! To not even be able to rasp through the call ... that must be miserable. I hope she gets better soon.

WVW: bnobiase. A version of bouillabaisse made with beans!
Annie Coe said…
Happy Happy Birthday to the furball! Sounds like things are going well. I hope your sister gets the job! xoxo
Kate P said…
CCR--(1) I think she would like the nickname "purrface"! (2) I first was fingerprinted in 3rd grade, the ink kind. Now it's a scanner pad, but you still have to have your fingers "rolled" over the scanner. (3) Heh, no way! There's so much anti-bullying stuff in schools nowadays you can't joke about killing. (4) I have a bigger problem with Half.com--gimme used books/movies/music! (5) YS called Mom today and said, aloud, that she still feels lousy.

Annie--welcome back! Thank you for the b-day wishes for the Cat & YS. I think she needs out of that job badly.
Kate P said…
BTW Annie that is the package your painting came in, that the Cat is inspecting in photo #1. She really went to town on that. :)
Dave E. said…
Happy Birthday, Kitty.

That's one nice thing about cats, they tend to live longer than dogs and most other pets. The tummy thing has resolved I take it?
Kate P said…
Dave--I've had long-lived cats and cats that passed away unexpectedly (worst Christmas ever! even worse than the time we all had the flu!), but yeah for the most part I have seen that cats, if they're indoor cats, outlive dogs. Mostly I think it's a size thing. The Cat is doing better, thanks. . . eating like a piglet, though. I can't tell if it's the weather or what, so I've still got my eye on her.

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