Pet Exchange Program

The Cat is driving me crazy lately and I think she needs a change of scenery. Today she is just weird! She did something, uh, inappropriate on a pillow and my first copy of The Wall Street Journal. Is she mad I started reading that? I got 26 weeks for free; what more does she want?

Then the principal of my new school (sort of, still haven't signed the contract) called to say she hadn't forgotten me, they were just busy getting ready for an audit. I'm trying to write down the direct number of the business office, and The Cat is yelling at me! So now the principal probably thinks (a) I'm a crazy cat lady and (b) I am not nice to animals. And she's a nun, so I'm extra horrified that The Cat has no manners.

Seriously, I know she behaves better for other people. . . anybody wanna trade for a week?


Would you take the yap dog the annoying upstairs neighbors have?


ccr in MA said…
Wellll, I wouldn't mind switching Miri out for a while, but the logistics of the swap would be a bit much, MA to PA. And no dice on the dog, sorry. Perhaps it's the phase of the moon, and will pass?

WV: scledsh. Try to say "sleds" with a mouth full of marbles!
Kate P said…
Oh, yeah--I forgot about the travel part. She hates it and cries the minute she's in the carrier. She'd be hoarse by Albany. Oh well!

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