Not My Typical Sunday

--Did a lot of singing at church (English, Latin/Greek, Italian)

--Managed to get a slight sunburn during outdoor portion of church event

--Waited with my dad while he called AAA for his car: brakes felt funny to him and ABS light wouldn't turn off. Turned out to be a belt that needs fixing. Glad he got the car towed & didn't keep driving it.

--Realized my videos were due back today, so I watched my first '70s movie (comments on that tomorrow) and returned that with this (recommended by radio movie guy and was good but sniffle-inducing).

--I think I'm going to go back to my book and turn in early. Must be the sunburn!


Anonymous said…
Did you like the book? I read the description and am intrigued!
Kate P said…
You know, Angela, I found it a real page-turner, although it surprised me by getting kinda racy towards the end. (Well, racy for a tiny bit of a prude like me.) I already have a request in for "Changeless," the next book in process at the library!

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