Odds & Ends (Mostly Odd) on a Friday

The Cat is doing, well, better in some areas and worse in others. All of a sudden, she decided she doesn't like the special food and seems to express her opinion by coughing it up after a few bites. I checked in with the vet and he said to stop giving her one of the meds because it might be irritating her stomach now that it's done its primary job of helping her not, um, "go all over the place." Ugh. So she's still under surveillance.

I'm sick of air conditioning and the too-hot-to-do-anything-outdoors weather situation is getting really old. I know it's July, but constant mid-90s is not July in Philly, usually. We normally get at least a little bit of a break in between heat waves. And big scary storms that flood everything aren't breaks. It just wipes everybody out because you have to figure out what to wear, what to cook that doesn't generate a lot of heat, you're getting shocked by temp changes from going in and out of A/C, you're wondering if there's going to be a thunderstorm, and so on. There's something I have to do outdoors Sunday, an annual event with my church, and I'm kind of dreading it. Not so much for myself but I worry about the senior people who insist on participating to the full extent in spite of the heat. Maybe they'll modify things a bit for this year.

Being indoors does give me time to take care of things in the apartment I haven't had time to work on, which is good. Sometimes I put a video on and sit on the living room floor to sort papers or write lists or do the checkbook. I haven't watched The Godfather yet, but I've seen the first six episodes of Season 1 of Breaking Bad after Amy Welborn's post made me curious. Also, I've been reading Soulless (it's like vampire/werewolf stuff for grownups--and a little steampunk, I think?). It's maybe not the best writing ever but it's pretty funny at times.

I just got a text message from my cousin's little boy who got hold of dad's phone. O.K., it was more like a single letter texted to me, but it was a letter I like, so I figure it was a hello of sorts.

So, is everybody else dealing with hot weather? If so, any tips?


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