And All I Did Was THINK It

Yesterday, I was feeling pretty lousy. Maybe it was all those darn medical tests (puncture hole for each arm now, but no bruises for the first time ever). The phone's not ringing. The cat woke me up repeatedly but couldn't figure out how to tell me she barfed up her breakfast in the dining room. There's nothing in the mail but bills, and it was June 30 which technically was the last day of my employment and medical coverage from school. I'm annoyed that I'm not really doing anything for the weekend, and that I got roped into covering Mass for a cantor who actually has plans and doesn't need the money to pay for self insurance.

So I said to myself, "You know what? Nobody's really doing any work this week. Heck, a lot of people have started their vacations already. There won't be any calls for interviews, and nobody's going to make any decisions, until after July 4. I mean July 5." That meant there was no point in thinking about any of that stuff until next week, myself.

Then I went to go use my expiring-today free coffee gift certificate for an iced coffee, beg for another week of Queen Victoria from the library (narrowly avoiding a teen event but of course not the always pleasant Head of Youth Services), and slog my way through pilates class.

Came home, ate dinner, watched Top Chef, was too keyed up from both coffee and pilates and residual lousy-feeling-ness to fall asleep at a decent hour. But, hey, it didn't matter--nothing was going to happen until next week.

Shortly before I ventured out to the laundromat to wash my blankets for their summer dormition, I got a phone call.

Any guesses?

It was last week's school, asking if I could come in for a second interview tomorrow morning.

I'd love to.

Especially since rejection letter #2 (for this interview) arrived in the mail about the same time today. I am not totally bummed out; I just really got a feeling the previous librarian left on bad terms. . . or was being let go because she wasn't crazy about how much the new principal wants to (micro)manage the library. I think I might have been spared some pain there. But still, it's a job I'm not getting. So that's two rejections by mail; one in person (two times, if you count that so-called interview).

In any event, think some kind thoughts & pray some good prayers for me for tomorrow. I'm nervous but kind of looking forward to going back there.

And yes, I'll keep you posted.


Dave E. said…
When you least expect it...

I think it's a good sign that they want to talk to you on the Friday before a holiday weekend. If it was kind of an afterthought or going through the motions they would wait until next week. Plus, everybody is in a good mood because of the long weekend(if they have good moods at all). I like it. Good luck and I said a little prayer.
ccr in MA said…
Ooh! Nice mind control. Fingers will be firmly crossed for you, oh deserving one. Report back!

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